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"part political diatribe, part nightmare, and part call to love"

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Mali 2008

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Biennale Festivale of Art & Culture 2008 Kayes, Mali

Body & Sole

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Who We Are

NEW WORKS/WORLD TRADITIONS was founded by Michelle Bach-Coulibaly to honor Mande Traditions in light of their influence upon other Old World Traditions, and New Performance Arts in and out of Africa. Since its formation in 1993, they have created over 35 new performance pieces, reconstructed folkloric ballets from Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso as well as written five full evening movement operas. New Works is committed to the development of new performance here in America and in Mali, West Africa, where they collaborate with Traditional and Contemporary artisans. Recent developments include the formation of “Yeredon” an NGO in Mali, West Africa to help artists from Mali maintain their traditions while having opportunities to experiment and explore new African Dance Theater.


What We Do (recent performances/works)

M.I.A. Performance

Vieux Farka Toure Opening Performance


Providence Performing Arts Center


Current Projects

Bloodline exists as a love poem to the earth, a call to attention, contemplation and celebration of our mytho-poetic relationship to Nature and disease.


In collaboration with the Brown/RISD community, NewWorks / World Traditions is embarking on a mission to raise awareness and support for the spread of Malaria in West Africa. With an international team of artists, social activists, medical practitioners and non-governmental organizations, we propose to use the power of dramatic performance and social engagement to increase the efficacy of preventive measures in the treatment of malaria and other associated diseases. 


Songbird (2007) exists as a dreamscape and embodied journal that celebrates “family”. The narratives, songs and images created on stage form a collective history inspired by stories, dances, and photographs passed down through several generations. Our work explores questions unanswered by the boxed heirlooms and frozen images of places and faces of little known legacies.


Melting Into Glass (2005)


NewWorks in the News

 Michelle heads to West Africa, a tradition since 1990.

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BLOODLINE is Kristen Ashburn's intimate look at the harsh reality of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Her images remind us how tenuous our connection is to each other. In doing so, they show that what matters most is the care extended to those in need.       listen to, download and buy beautiful world music