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About Me

My name is Christian Lobato. I was born on June 15, 1996. I am 17 years and will be 18 in 2014. I am apart of Saturday Academy program. I am a senior at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science. My dream college to attend is The University of Kansas and be Chemistry premed major. The profession I seek in the future is to be a either a pediatric physician or just a regular physician. I am scholar of the Kauffman Scholars Foundation, which is a program that helps financially with college. My favorite color is black and white because it matches with everything. I love to play soccer and my favorite sport to watch is boxing. Music is really important to me. It soothes the mind and places you into this world where you can escape from your reality for a while. I've always had this dream of becoming famous in the music industry. My favorite type of music is Reggaeton, which is a genre of Latin and Caribbean music originated from Puerto Rico. I am a very ambitious person who dreams really big. I believe that you get what you put in. The more work and heart you put into something I think greater results will be the outcome. Respect is my number one principle. If we cannot respect with one another than there will never peace amongst us. I am grateful to be in the Saturday Academy program because I have learned so much things that will benefit me in my major to college, and also some skills that not many will be able to acquire like: making a website, how to use different types of very essential programs, and also human/life skills.