A bit about me

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at CLASP, University of Gothenburg. I have been working with pronouns and verb tenses for some time now, and recently, I have been occupied with the problem of the disambiguation of the English pronoun it. Last year, I coordinated the shared task on cross-lingual pronoun prediction and handled some other activities related to the DiscoMT Workshops, first at Uppsala University and then at the University of Helsinki. I came to Scandinavia in 2016 as a visiting researcher at the Computational Linguistics group at Uppsala University thanks to a Doc.Mobility SNF fellowship. Last year, I also obtained my PhD from the University of Geneva with Mention très honorable. For my thesis, I worked on the treatment of pronominal anaphora and verbal tenses in the context of machine translation. I focused on the translation between English and French using both rule-based and statistical methods. If you are interested in my thesis, you can find it here.

Since April 2015 and until April 2017, I worked as Editorial Assistant for the Computational Linguistics Journal. From June 2013 and until the end of November, I completed an internship at IDIAP Research Institute, under the supervision of Prof. Andrei Popescu-Belis. During this time, I created a corpus annotated automatically with tense information. The corpus and related technical information are available here. A spin-off tool to annotate verbs with tense, mood and voice information is now available as well.

Before my PhD studies, I worked on Spanish syntax using a LFG framework and the XLE platform for grammar development. My master’s dissertation title is Lexical Functional Syntax Analysis: a Proposal for Spanish Processing.

In my free time I enjoy hiking (whenever it is warm enough) and swimming (indoors!). I also like cooking, baking and wine tasting.


+46 31 786 4756