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The LO Leaders & Coordinators site provides information useful for leading and managing hikes & rambles by volunteers for the Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation hiking program.

Summary of Major Pages Provided by this Site
Tab Page 'Sub' Page Page Description                          
Home That's this page. Explains the reason for the site and lists the major pages with a summary description of each page.
Planning Plan Your Hike is a page of ideas for finding new hikes, as well as researching details on a specific hike you are planning. For example, there are links here to websites listing locations that require a parking pass, and which type. There is also map information helpful in determining the driving mileage. When you have all your hike details determined, use the Hike Submission Form, to submit them to the editors who are preparing the hike schedules. Links to "Help" for questions on filling in the Form and also "Help" for the Catalog Preparers on processing the input information, are also provided. The Planning Page provides information for the Season (“Winter/Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall”) that is currently being planned.
Hikes Already Submitted  The “Hike Form Submissions" Page lists all the hikes and rambles that have been submitted so far this season. NOTE: this is just a summary of the information initially submitted and does NOT reflect any changes made by the Catalog Preparers after the initial submission.
Training The “Training" Page has information on guidelines & training materials for Leaders & Coordinators. It contains several links to ‘official’ guidelines for Leaders & Coordinators.
Contacts The “Contacts" Page lists the current Coordinator of Coordinators, Monthly Coordinators, Hike & Ramble Planners, Contact List Preparer, Records Keeper, Catalog Preparers, Weekly Hiking Email Author and Steering Committee Members.
Calendar The “Calendar" Page lists the important ‘management’ dates for planning hikes & rambles and for publishing the information about those events on paper, online and in the LO Parks & Recreation Catalog. The calendar also lists public meeting dates for hike planning.
Hike History    Discusses information captured in the Hike History spreadsheets. Lists links to pages that show Hike History.
  Hike History by Date  List of historic Hikes & Rambles by Date, with most recent date at the top.   
   Hike  History by  Name  List of historic Hikes & Rambles by Name.
LOHIKES “LOHIKES” tab is a a link that takes you to www.lohikes.com, which is our general public site. This site contains a schedule of hikes and events. www.lohikes.com, also has a tab (LEADERS), that links back to this Leader & Coordinator site.