Leader Resources for Hikes & Rambles
sponsored by Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation

The Leader Resoures site provides information useful for leading and managing hikes & rambles by volunteers for the Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation hiking program.

Summary of Major Pages Provided by this Site
Tab Page 'Sub' Page Page Description                          
Home That's this page. Explains the reason for the Leader Resources site and lists its major pages with a summary description of each.
Helpful resources for planning hikes and submitting hike descriptions, as well as guidelines and checklists for hike leaders and monthly coordinators, and materials presented at the most recent Leaders Forum.
Other Support Roles
Other 'jobs' that volunteers do, aside from Leading/Coordinating. These pages give them access to specific web pages, documents and spreadsheets used in their work.

 Schedulers Plan the next season's calendar of Hikes, Rambles and Easy Hikes, with input from Leaders via Planning Meetings and email communications.

 Schedule Editors Edit the hike descriptions submitted by Leaders, in preparation for printing and uploading to LOHIKES website.
Website Editors Update and make changes to LOHIKES and LEADER RESOURCES websites.
Hike History    Details from previous hikes and rambles. . . 
  Hike History by Date  Listed by Date, with most recent date at the top.   
   Hike  History by  Name  Listed alphabetically by Name.
Contacts Lists our current contacts on staff at the City, Coordinators, Hike & Ramble Schedulers, Schedule Editors, Steering Committee Members, Weekly Email Updates Author, Records Keeper, Contact List Preparer, Website Editor, and Tech Developer.
Calendar Lists the important ‘management’ dates for planning hikes & rambles and for publishing the information about those events on paper, online and in the LO Parks & Recreation Catalog.
LOHIKES “LOHIKES” tab is a a link that takes you to www.lohikes.com, which is our general public site. This site contains a schedule of hikes and events, and also has a tab (LEADER RESOURCES), that links back to this site.