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Helpful resources for planning hikes and submitting hike descriptions, as well as guidelines and checklists for hike leaders and monthly coordinators.

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 Plan Your Hike Access resources for new hike ideas, or to help you gather information about your planned hike. For example, there are links here to websites listing locations that require a parking pass, and which type. There is also map information helpful in determining the driving mileage.
 Mileage to Trailheads For most of the trailheads we have used, this spreadsheet provides the total drive mileage, list of hikes accessed from this trailhead, suggested 2nd meeting place and route map.
Hike Submission Form
Online Form for submission of future Hike, Ramble and Winter Ramble detail information by Hike Leaders. This link will ONLY work during a planning period. Form is CLOSED.
 HELP for Hike Submission Form  Help for leaders in completing the Hike Submission Form (above). Provides instructions on how to fill in each field on the Online Form.
 Volunteers to Scout or Co-Lead Need someone to help you scout your hike or ramble? Or share the responsibilities of leadership? Here is a list of folks who have volunteered to scout or co-lead.
LAST MINUTE CHANGES! Wildfires - Smoke - Excessive Heat - Ice - Leader Illness - What to do now? PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL UNLESS THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. Read for more ideas.
Leader Guidelines from 2018 Leader Forum Booklet Detailed instructions for planning and leading a Hike or Ramble, including what to do in case of an emergency. A must-read for leaders.
Leader Checklist from 2018 Leader Forum Booklet A handy one-page summary checklist of what a leader needs to do before, during and after the Hike or Ramble. There are several of these kept in the Leader Briefcase.
Coordinator's Responsibilities from 2018 Leader Forum Booklet Instructions for Coordinators to use in working with the Leaders they are responsible for overseeing.
Leaders Forum 2018 complete 2018 Leader Forum Booklet This is the information provided by Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department (as presented at the February 2018 Leader Forum). This format allows easy scrolling between documents and selection of an individual document. You also will have a header menu option to Download All the files at one time.