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LoadRunner supports several Vuser types:

Protocol Based Vusers :-  LoadRunner supports various types of Vusers using the most common protocols. Each type is designed to handle different aspects of today's system architectures.You can create a Vuser script using a single                                                protocol or multiple ones.

Unit Test Based Vusers : LoadRunner supports unit tests in the form of .dll or .java/.class files, created in Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse.To create these tests, install the appropriate IDE for Developer add-in, available in the Addtional                                           Components folder.

GUI Vusers : LoadRunner can integrate functional testing scripts in the form of GUI tests into a load testing scenario. You create GUI tests using HP Functional Testing software - QuickTest or Unified Functional Testing.You can run only a                            single GUI Vuser on a Windows-based load generator. Use Citrix to run multiple GUI Vusers.

How to Create a Vuser Script - Workflow

The following diagram outlines the process of developing a Vuser script: