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Trainer Course

Advanced Outdoor Skills - Leave No Trace Trainer Course (16hrs) 
Do these boys deserve trained Leaders?  You bet!  

2016 Fall 

Sept 26, 2016     Monday night 2 hours 6:30-8:30pm   Olivette Room at Cathedral of the Rockies.  11th and Hayes, Boise.    part 1 of 2

September 30/October 1 2016   Friday eve overnight to Saturday afternoon at Celebration Park.   part 2 of 2


Registration:  Spring and Fall courses only:  Johnny Beal at the Council Office  376-4411.   Bring a copy of current BSA Medical Form to the class Part 1.   Blank copy attached for your convenience.

Cost:             $25   Includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday, teaching materials, graduation pin, patch and certificate.  All graduates will be registered as trainers with the Leave No Trace Organization. 

Who:            The course is open to all BSA registered adults and to any BSA registered youth who are at least 14.  Varsity and Venturers are also welcome.  All youth must have a signed recommendation by their unit leader and permission slip from a parent.  See attachment.

Where:        Part 1 will be at the First United Methodist Church, Olivette Room  11th and Hayes, Boise  just North of Boise High School.  Part 2 will be an overnight camping/learning experience in the Treasure Valley area. 

Why:           There is a need to educate and inform scouts on how to properly use the outdoors and techniques that minimize impact so that we will all be able to enjoy our camping experiences now and in the future.

Questions:     Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate

E Lund,
Apr 8, 2015, 8:14 AM