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    Master Educator Course


    The Leave No Trace Master Educator (Masters) course is the top-level training in the international Leave No Trace (LNT) educational program. Graduates from this course are fully trained to conduct the 16hr LNT Trainer course and LNT awareness sessions.

    The goal of the BSA LNT Master training is to train the right Scouters as BSA Masters who will be able to conduct effective BSA LNT Trainer courses in their home Council. BSA has entered into contract with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to provide LNT Master Educator courses for our own membership age 18 and up. The BSA LNT Task Force is continuously developing supplemental "Scouting-specific" curriculum to help tailor this training to be even more useful for our Scouting graduates.

    2014 Course in Utah:  During the week of September 15, 2014, Utah National Parks Council will be hosting a Mega- Masters course.  There will be five different options for the experiential three day portion:  Frontcountry, Paddling, Horse Packing, Cycling or Backpacking.  We will have a group carpooling to this course from Boise.  See file below.

    Questions:     Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate


    "Going into the back country was as hands-on as you can get."

    "This will be a strong force for the future of scouting and nature."       

    "Thank you BSA for keeping the course costs low.  Elsewhere this is a $1000 course!"

    "This was an awesome training course!"

    "Very much exceeded my personal goals/objectives."

    E Lund,
    Feb 6, 2014, 9:13 PM