Sonbong Bakery

A new bakery gets into operation

The opening ceremony 

After long planning and fundraising, a new bakery of Love NK children was opened in March 2007 with your support. We would like to show you some pictures.

We also hope to find a way for collecting the running cost for winter season. Maybe a charitable collection or church collection could contribute.

Temperatures will fall as low as -30 o Celsius / -22 oF. without sufficient heating material in North Korea. 

Therefore we decided to distribute winter clothing to the children last year.


The building site in Oct. 2006.
  • The opening ceremony takes place under the sign of the just opened charity project March 20, 2007.

Preliminary work can start...

About 3,000 children benefit from the RaSon bakery.

After the preparation, the baking process for hungry children can start! However, only the running cost for 6 months is secure, yet.


Hope to see you again...

Snow is still seen in
March in Rajin-Sonbong/area (also known as Najin).

The inauguration


New equipment is unloaded
 Flour is being bought in China  
The flour arrives at the bakery site
in North Korea from China.
 Photos: ⓒ LNKC