Bakery Introduction

A charity project for children of

Manna Mission of Europe Limited

Manna Mission of Europe – founded in 2004 – is a U.K. registered charity organisation.
The main purpose is to help impoverished children, often orphans, in the Najin-Sonbong area and other places (in Pyongyang and far away from the capital). The project Love North Korean Children (LNKC) even started in 2001.
We introduce our projects for 2018 to you.

We are running bakeries for the supply of staple food. That means to provide self-help, because we do not deliver bread to North Korea!
We deliver flour and employ staff in the country.

Therefore a strict monitoring is guaranteed.

Each bakery has a capacity of feeding 4,000-10,000 children and the staff. 
We currently have 26 possible locations for bakeries and orphanages; the construction and opening of such facilities depends on the funds we receive in the future.
  • The orphanages will not only provide the children with a nutritious source of food, but also the hope for a better future that is fueled by healthy food.

We reached an agreement with the North Korean government to get the estate for bakeries free of charge. So all the money goes directly towards providing humanitarian assistance. The flour is delivered from neighboring China to save transportation costs.



During an inspection tour.
If you are interested to know about our details:

The cost of running one bakery is US $4,000- 8,000 for one month, which includes: fuel, flour, cost of repairs and salaries for 15 people.
We could provide you a complete list of the current running cost, upon request. 

George Rhee from UK together with the children
in direct talk.

Agreement with the kindergarten
in Nampo 2017.

Visiting the schoolchilren
before the meal.

Farewell scene
of grateful children 

Donated flour in the store house.
  Donations should reach the deserving
without detouring!
These are the photos of children who received bread.

Free bread is provided for the kids.

Group photo with children, kindergarten teachers 
and charity staff.

Meeting with our driver: 
Delivery of free bread to the kindergarten and school children.

New flour arrived on the spot.

During a monitoring tour.

Happy bakery staff.

Bread is ready for the kids.

Children are dancing to say 
Thank you to our donors.

Meeting the kids directly in 2017.

Happy eyes after meal.  
Put a smile on a child's face!
Thank you!  

Children thanking the donors