Early thoughts upon the release of Melkor from imprisonment.



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It was through great desire for the light of the Trees that those who are now our kings led us hence. No cowardice was it on any of their part, no yearning to flee the land of their birth. It took courage to make that long, slow journey into the uttermost West, with dark clouds of the ruins of war still obscuring the northern stars. Yet the fact remains that here in Aman, the Eldar are safe.

So why is there now this disturbance – this calling to council of lords?

What is there to fear? Does Manwë not know well what he is about in granting Melkor pardon?

There has been talk. Some who made the great march, who remember life under the starlit expanses of land in the east,  speak again of their memories. Some do say that Melkor’s deeds are beyond forgiveness. Vala though he is, they trust him not at all! King Ingwë; King Finwë; they trust him not at all!

Yet Manwë Súlimo, he is King of the whole of Arda. He understands most clearly the purposes of Iluvatar, the wise do say. We can ever trust him.

My parents speak but rarely of the time before they came to Eldamar. Nevertheless, others speak openly of the shadow-shapes that walked the hills above Cuiviénen, of those of their kin who were ensnared by the servants of Melkor and never seen again. Arnónë did tell me the tale of her own father; of his disappearance into the woods on a hunt from which he never returned. Though she, her mother and her brothers made long search, never were they to know what had befallen him. She told me of the creeping fear of the Dark Rider that the Quendi once lived under.

“Mayhap it is true of the Avari, but our people are brave of heart!” I protested. “All three kindred are far from craven!”

“You know not fully of what you speak, my lady,” she answered. “Those born in Aman understand not what it was like to dwell in the Hither Lands. There was a dread that griped the very fëa until doubt and mistrust - seeing in the shadows threats that were not there - did consume and weaken even those amongst the strongest. Why, many of our people fled when first they beheld Oromë. They fled from his presence into the deepest darkness, and were lost to us. Deceived they were by the lies put abroad by Melkor, that they knew not friend from enemy.”

“But the noblest were not deceived! Not those of great courage – not Finwë! They were ever drawn to the light.”

I do understand what she says. I trust not Melkor myself. But what have I to fear? Melkor is still under guard, still confined to Valmar, is he not? The Valar watch him most closely. And I trust our king’s judgement in most matters; his ability to lead us aright in whatever situation comes upon us. I trust also to the might of his son. Here in Aman we are safe! My family is safe; I am safe – I who take rest in the arms of Curufinwë Fëanáro.


- - - -  -

Avari - Those Quendi who were unwilling t make the great journey into the West.