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J. R. R. Tolkien


The main reference for my stories is, of course, 'The Silmarillion', writen by J.R.R. Tolkien, and edited by Christopher Tolkien. I have also made much use of 'The History of Middle-Earth' (HoME) series - particularly 'The Book of Lost Tales, Part One';  the incredibly informative  'Morgoth's Ring' and 'The Peoples of Middle Earth'; notably  the chapter, 'The Shibboleth of Fëanor'. To a slightly lesser extent for my purpose, I have found Professor Tolkien's  'Unfinished Tales' to be interesting and helpful. His shorter stories,   'Smith of Wootton Major', and 'Leaf by Niggle' have provided me with many points to ponder.


Other books and reference materials I have used are listed below, and will be added to as appropriate. Please be aware, as I am sure you are, that each book contains  interpretations by individuals of Tolkien's thoughts, as well as factual information. Very few folk can be totally objective when writing about what another may have envisaged or intended. Some books are far more factually accurate than others, but all that I list here I have found to some extent useful.


Verlyn Flieger   'Splintered Light'  Kent State University Press 2002

Paul H. Kocher  'A Reader's Guide to The Silmarillion'  Thames and Hudson Ltd. 1980

Paul Kocher  'Master of Middle-Earth'  Penguin 1975

Tom Shippey  'The Road to Middle-Earth'  HarperCollins 2005

Tom Shippey  'J. R. R. Tolkien. Author of the Century.'  HarperCollins 2000


I often use  'ambar-eldaron',  or  'The Council of Elrond' language pages  for help with Quenya.


Wikipedia has this on Fëanor,  and this    on Nerdanel, plus  other helpful information on characters and places in Tolkien's writings.



Guide Books:


J. R. R. Tolkien / Christopher Tolkien  'The History of Middle-Earth Index'  HarperCollins 2002

J. E. A. Tyler    'The Complete Tolkien Companion'  Pan publication 2002.

David Day  'A Guide to Tolkien'  Chancellor Press 2002

Robert Foster 'The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth'  HarperCollins 1993

Karen Wynn Fonstad  ' The Atlas of Tolkien's Middle-Earth'  HarperCollins 1991





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Many of the photographs on these pages were taken while  hillwalking  with my husband in the beautiful Lake District, Cumbria, England.


Any sketches or drawings are my own.


I am trying to locate where I originally found the photograph of the Flame Nebula in Orion, in order to give credit where it is due. That photograph was certainly not of my taking.