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( Own early sketch of Fëanor, Finwë and Indis)


Many Eldar that I make mention of are familiar to those who already know of Valinor. But others are less well known, or not heard of at all beyond the shores of Aman. So here do I offer a list, if you will, of those of import to my tales. This list will I add to as I give mention of people and places. My hope is that it may prove helpful to those who know not of any Noldor beyond my immediate kin. The father names I have listed first; then that name given by the mother, and finally  - where appropriate - the name by which each is best known.


(Please note that this list is still very much incomplete.)


The House of Curufinwë Fëanáro


Curufinwë Fëanáro (Fëanor) - born 1179. First named Finwion by his father. Prince of the Noldor. Eldest son of King Finwë and his first wife, Míriel þerendë.

Nerdanel Istarnië - born 1180.  Wife of Fëanáro. Daughter or Sarmo Urundil and Arátiel Taurlotë. Sculptress and Aulendur.

Nelyafinwë Maitimo (Maedhros) - Eldest son of Fëanáro and Nerdanel. Given the epessë 'Russandol' by his brothers.

Kanafinwë Makalaurë (Maglor) - Second son of Fëanáro and Nerdanel.

Turkafinwë Tyelkormo (Celegorm) - Third son of Fëanáro and Nerdanel.

Morifinwë Carnistir (Caranthir)  - Fourth son of Fëanáro and Nerdanel.

Curufinwë Atarinkë (Curufin) - Fifth son of Fëanáro and Nerdanel.

Pityafinwë Ambarussa (Amrod) - Sixth son of Fëanáro and Nerdanel. Twin with Telufinwë.

Telufinwë Umbarto (Amras) - Seventh son of Fëanáro and Nerdanel. Twin. Mother name changed to Ambarto by Fëanáro, but called Ambarussa by most folk, including his brothers.

Curunolwë  Tyelpinquar (Celebrimbor) - Son of Curufinwë and Nolwen Ellirë. Grandson of Fëanáro and Nerdanel.


The House of King Finwë


Finwë - King of the Noldor. Chosen by Oromë as Ambassdor from the Quendi to Aman, along with Ingwë and Elwë.

Míriel þerendë - First wife of Finwë. Mother of Fëanáro. First of the Eldar to die in Aman.

Indis - Second wife of Finwë. Sister of King Ingwë of the Vanyar. Mother of Findis, Nolofinwë, Irimë and Arafinwë. Stepmother of Fëanáro.

Findis Ingoldiel- First daughter of Fënwë and Indis.

Nolofinwë Ingoldo (Fingolfin) - First son; second child of Finwë and Indis.


The Aulenduri,  their families and servants.


Sarmo Urundil (Mathan)  - Father of Nerdanel. Master Smith of the Noldor. (Save for Fëanáro)

Arátiel Taurlotë - Wife of Urundil. Mother of Nerdanel. Artist.

Narwasar - Chief of Urundil's apprentices. A stonemason.

Tulcon - Apprentice of Urundil. 

Tuon - Son of Tulcon and Motamë

Artuiel - Daughter of Tulcon and Motamë.  Becomes Nerdanel's apprentice. Beloved of Ambarussa. (Amras.)

Failië - A servant in the house of Urundil.  Friend and confidant of Nerdanel.


In Tirion


Lord Silwë - Steward and friend of King Finwë

Lord Tulcavaryar - Good friend of King Finwë.  Tutor of Fëanáro in the skills of the hunt and sport.

Arnonë - Originally one of Míriel's ladies. She becomes the foremost of Nerdanel's ladies in due course.

Ononon - Nerdanel's uncle by marriage. An Aulendur who has set up a craft enclave in Tirion. First tutor of Fëanáro in smithcraft.

Nessimë - Ononon's wife.  Urundil's sister. She has the rare copper-brown hair of her family.

Niecarindo - Loremaster of language. Early tutor of Fëanáro.

Rumil - Loremaster of language.

Lastamo - Loremaster of great importance.

Meldawen - Seemstress.

Maniel - A midwife.

Alyu - King Finwë's healer.

Veryë Alcarinquatári - Lady of the Noldor who is known for her courage  and leadership skills during the Great March.

Istyaro - Unconventional Loremaster.

Serewen - Wife of Lord Echthelion. Friend of Nerdanel.




Lord Valdon - A reclusive lord who lost his wife and youngest son on the Great Journey. Rejects Finwë's right to be King.

Narmondil - Eldest son of Lord Valdon.

Lord Ettelendil - Has a house and estate at the western end of the Calacirya.




Ingwë - High King of the Eldar.

Ingwiel - Eldest son of Ingwë. Leads the Vanyar in the War of Wrath.

Inglairë - Daughter of Ingwë.

Ingil - Youngest child of Ingwë.

Indis - Sister of Ingwë. Wife of Finwë.



Olwë - King of the Teleri.

Earwen - Daughter of Olwë

Eartur - Eldest son of Olwë

Earcáno - Second son of Olwë.

Tolfaen - Silversmith. Friend of Urundil and Taurlotë.

Gaerion - Friend of Nerdanel. Seafarer.

Gilfanon - Father of Gaerion. Captain of the 'Uinenlindë'

Gillondë - Gaerion's brother.





Tirion -  City built on the hill of Tuna. Originally shared by Vanyar and Noldor alike. At the time of my tales the city is inhabited by the Noldor only.

Dwellings of the Aulenduri - A community situated at the western end of the Calacirya of those who have devoted themselves to Aulë.

Calacirya - Cleft of light through which the light of the Trees shines to the sea. Tirion is situated in the Calacirya.

Alqualondë - The city of the Teleri, situated on the coast to the north of the Shadowmere.

Formenos - The stronghold built in the north of Valinor by Fëanáro and his followers during the time of his exile from Tirion.

Hyarmenosto - Small town lying to the south west of Tirion.

Neldormindo - Fëanáro and Nerdanel's first house. Quite close to the dwellings of the Aulenduri.

Mámarmasto - Village to the south east of Tirion.  Tulcon is from Mámarmasto. 




Manwë Sulimo

Varda Elentári


Yavanna Kementári




Namo Mandos

Irmo Lorien




Elemanië - Maia of Irmo Lorien

Curumo - Maia of Aulë (Saruman)

Calio - Maia of Manwë

Aiwendil - Maia of Yavanna Kementári.

Pallando - Maia of Oromë

Arátë - Maia of Aulë

Ossë - Maia of Ulmo

Uinen - Maia of Ulmo; wife of Ossë

Salmar - Maia of Ulmo

Arien - Maia of Vána.

Olorin - Maia of Manwë Sulimo.




Tavari - Fays of the woodlands.

Nermir - Fays of the meadows.

Nandini - Fays of the valleys.

Orossi - Fays of the mountains.

Sáya - A fire fay.

Oarni - Spirits of the sea.





Tyelperocco - Fëanáro's white stallion.

Hiþiel - Nerdanel's dappled mare.

Huan - Tyelkormo's wolfhound, given to him by Oromë.