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Hail and well met, visitor or friend. Your travels have brought you to a place wherein memories and dreams of a time long past are recorded. Mayhap this is not what you have sought nor thought to find? If that be so, then journey on - and wherever you go, may you find light. But if you chose to tarry awhile amidst  my musings from this, the Seventh Age of Arda, then all to the good.


If it please you, then walk with me awhile through the wooded valley that borders the dwellings of the Aulenduri, to that place where I still forge in metal; where I sculpt in stone;  where I record in script the memories I have long dwelt in. The road hence may be familiar to you, though there may also be surprises along the way. But know this about me before you set foot upon the track to Neldormindo - that though I acknowledge the ill deeds of my family, though I accept that  he, who in life was my husband, committed acts most fell  -  I honour Fëanáro still for what he once was, and for what he was meant to be.  Much was left unrecorded of those times. What was written down was oft the work of those Loremasters who had no love for my kin. I say not that they wrote untruths - but it is sometimes mentioned that 'history is recorded by the victor', and though there were no real victors amongst the Noldor, yet did our suffering and woe cause some to disregard points of import. I would but set the record straight for any who are open hearted enough to consider my version of what transpired; that I might snatch a small victory from the legacy of the true enemy - Morgoth -  for he who was my lord and my love.


You are still with me then? Many would depart upon hearing me offer any defence of my husband or sons. But if  it is understanding you seek  rather than to condemn,  you may read of my early life  with Fëanáro.  You may read of the effect that King Finwë's decision to wed the Lady Indis of the Vanyar had upon his son, and ultimately upon all of the Noldor. Such memories are  contained in 'Nerdanel's Story'.


As I give mention of  Eldar who you will  know not from the writings available in this time, I have made list of the  people and places who feature in my tales that you understand who and what they are. 'Tis for your ease of understanding that I do this.


As time allows I will add to my story; and to other tales or thoughts such as  'Awed in the Presence of Beauty'  which are from the time before the Exile.  No Bard am I - alas. No skill do I have like unto my second son; for he would do full justice - would give gold-hued glory to what must be told. And regret; he would speak of regret in a measure as deep as the sea. 


Much there is to say - too much at this time for one who  still has other work to complete. But I shall give of my best while I may.


Tenn' omentielva enta



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