What is Literate Nation?  

Literate Nation is a non-profit organization that exemplifies a call to action movement begun by a group of citizens, educators, and scientists in 2012. The organization, is committed to the achievement of three goals: 1) that the U.S. education system reclaim its leadership role in student literacy and academic achievement; 2) that our American human capital and our talent for innovation successfully compete in the global economy with skilled workers who will raise the GDP; and 3) that these combined goals will create happier, more productive lives for all citizens and the next generation. Towards those ends, Literate Nation focuses collective intelligence, experience, and combined energies on ensuring that all American students are highly literate and well-educated, with career-ready skills. They unify, empower, and inspire positive educational change that will advance state-of-the-art literacy policy in every state; provide the most comprehensive professional knowledge and implementation skills about language and reading literacy development for all teachers; and, propel strong, school-based leadership capable of safeguarding that all students of the United States are prepared to become lifelong learners and contributors to the vibrant, evolving society of the 21st century.

What is a Literate Nation Boot Camp?

Ever wonder why there is such a disconnect between good education practices and the laws and regulations? Ever wonder if you could do something about it—especially for our SEEDS kids?

You can!

Bringing effective reading instruction to every child in every classroom across the nation is a big challenge, but it is doable. We can be successful if we work together. We need advocates working collaboratively to shape the entire spectrum of education change needed—the legislature, the state agency, the state board, AND how legislation, policies, and practices are implemented. Literate Nation invites you and your colleagues/fellow community members to participate in one of four boot camp opportunities to learn how to impact education change. If you are part of another organization, you both are welcome to join. If you are new to the challenge, you are welcome to participate. If you are looking to work with others, you are welcome to get involved.

We also are offering two opportunities to participate remotely. Williamsburg will include live social media broadcasting with targeted questions and main ideas feeding a live chat running concurrently with the boot camp. If you cannot attend, this is a great way to connect with onsite energy and to follow key points. And, for those who do attend, since broadcasting will begin before the boot camp and continue beyond, this is a great way to prime your brain for the event and to sustain connections and momentum afterward. Start now by following Literate Nation on Twitter (@LiterateNation) and check our feed and hashtag (#LNBC14) for boot camp updates and chat. Denver will offer the opportunity to participate remotely via Internet live-cast on October 18th – 19th. This remote opportunity will link you to participants in your community and from around the country.You will be able to see and hear great presentations, engage with presenters, and begin developing your own plan of action.


These boot camps will support your ability to dig deeply into the challenging task at hand, to build or grow your team, and to create or update a plan that will help you produce outcomes that make a difference in your community. Make no mistake; this is a big challenge. Over 30% of our kids are not learning to read well enough to function in the 21st Century workplace. We all must become engaged in fixing this problem. The struggling readers, the economically disadvantaged learners, the English language learners, and the students with dyslexia or other specific learning disabilities are ALL of our kids. We know what they need and how to enhance the trajectories of their lives. Let’s make it happen!

Literate Nation Boot Camps

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