About Us

The Larchmont Young Makers Group was founded in November 2011 and serves kids from the Larchmont - Mamaroneck community interested in tinkering, inventing,
computer programming, game creation and more.  Their creative project ideas vary greatly and exemplify the true spirit of the individual! The Larchmont Young Makers group is guided by instructors from HTINK, including Jaymes Dec and Jon Santiago - they are teachers, tinkers and totally awesome leaders. The group meets on certain evenings during the school year to learn about engage in self-directed projects using
Scratch, Arduino, Processing, Ubuntu Linux, Windows, and Mac. Many of the kids love to read Make Magazine.
To learn about the Young Makers movement, http://www.youngmakers.org/.
In Fall 2012 we will have over 35 4th-5th graders in elementary level Young Makers Groups and about 25 students in 6th grade and up Young Makers Groups.  They will meet on Fridays and over time we will introduce them and their projects to you. Our groups have been meeting in private homes but we are working towards finding a "home" for the Group.  

Contact Us:
Please feel free to contact us at: lmyoungmaker@gmail.com