To join Chemistry Society at LMU, you need to get an application form at the Chemistry Stockroom located on the third floor of Seaver. Fill out the form and turn it in to Zydra Van der Sluys along with the membership fee.

Volunteer Opportunities

Upward Bound
Expand Your Horizons
Chemistry Outreach

Upcoming Events

Welcome Back Barbecue. September 23rd. Leavey 6 Barbecue pits. 12:00-1:30

Second General Meeting. October 19th. Seaver 100. 12:15-1:00. 

Fall Get Together. October 27th. Tower Pizza. 6-8pm. Please pick up fliers at the stockroom and chemistry society board.

Lasertag. November. 5th. Location and Time: TBA

General Meeting. November 9th. Seaver 100. 12:15-1:00

Storytime with Professors. November 11th 6-8pm. The Hill

Christmas Party. December 3rd. Huesman Lounge, 5:00-6:30pm

We would  like to thank Dr. Bouvier-Brown for all her work and support!

Mission Statement: The Chemistry Society of Loyola Marymount University understands and declares its purpose to be: A group of students with a common scholastic interest. Fostering the bonds amongst students and faculty and advocating the exposure to opportunities and resources relating to the scientific community. Striving for academic excellence and benefiting from the many enjoyments presented in life.

Email: lmuchemistrysociety@gmail.com
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Service Opportunities

1. Upward Bound Tutoring

Upward Bound is part of the TRIO program which is designed to provide educational and personal support services that will increase the high school graduation and college enrollment rates of the participants.

How is Chemistry Society Involved?

The Chemistry Society is involved in the educational services of the program. Our goal is to be engaged in our community by sharing our knowledge and talents. We will be after school science tutors.

2. Expanding Your Horizons

The EYH Network, (formerly the Math/Science Network) started in 1974 as an informal group of women scientists and educators in the San Francisco Bay Area who were concerned about low female participation in math courses. They began planning coordinated efforts to strengthen their individual programs and establish mutual support on a volunteer basis.

How is Chemistry Society Involved?

We participate in the Annual EYH conference at Mount St. Mary's. Last year, we designed a workshop to simulate analytical techniques used by chemists to solve a crime. They ran their own TLC's, recovered prints from a piece of paper, and determined the composition of juices. 

Tentative date:
April, 10, 2010
Mount St. Mary's College

3. Free Arts for the Abused Children

Free Arts for Abused Children is a nonprofit organization that integrates the healing and therapeutic power of the arts into the lives of children and youth who have been abused, are homeless or at-risk of falling through the cracks of the system, as well as their families in need.

How is Chemistry Society involved?

We are planning to run one of the arts and crafts day with the children. We will have a chemistry-themed workshop for the kids!

Congratulations Class of 2009!