Case for Walkways


 Why do we need to work on finishing the walkways between neighborhoods and to community services in Lower Macungie Township [LMT]? 


Walkways to connect our community in LMT are quite desirable.  They will help:

·      improve our image as a desirable place to live,

·      increase property values,

·      promote healthier life styles,

·      increase local business activity,

·      increase community involvement with each other and

·      improve safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. 


Have you noticed that almost no one walks on our walkways on Lower Macungie Road, Brookside Road and adjacent roads?  The same is true on Spring Creek Road near Creamery Park and elsewhere in the township.  Why is that? 


The answer is those walkways don’t go anywhere!


For example:

Brookside Road has walkways on one side for 38% of its length. But the sidewalks go basically nowhere.

·         Essentially the existing Brookside Road walkways between the Swabia and Little Lehigh Creeks near Windingbrook and Danfield don’t go anywhere except the Concordia Lutheran Church. 

·         Our great Lower Macungie Township Complex with library, community center, pool and township offices cannot be reached by anyone walking on walkways.  All residents must drive to get there. 

·         Wescosville Elementary School and the Lower Macungie Township School do not have walkway access for anyone.  The new Lower Macungie Middle School cannot be reached by walkways from the two closest neighborhoods to it [Shephard Hills and Rolling Meadow].  How can schools be built so everyone has to drive there?

·         You cannot walk from Hidden Valley to the Stoned Crab or Italian Delite for dinner on walkways.  There is a 350 foot gap in walkways that prevent it. 

·         You cannot even walk to a high traffic place like the WAWA in Wescosville on walkways.

·         There are many local customers who could access a total of 126 businesses-institutions-facilities on Brookside Road who could benefit from more walkability.

Lower Macungie Road is side walked on one side for 58% of its length. 

·         With excellent shopping at Lower Macungie Road and Hamilton Blvd, even Ancient Oak residents cannot walk across Church Lane to the Trexlertown Shopping Plaza [Giant Food Store and others] on walkways. 

·         The neighborhoods of Shepherd Hills and Rolling Meadow, both within the 1 mile of Shoppes at Trexler [previously Trexler Mall] cannot get there on walkways.

·         There are many local customers who could access a total of 111 businesses-institutions-facilities on Lower Macungie Road who could benefit from more walkability.


The existing walkways on Brookside and Lower Macungie Roads don’t go anywhere. 


It is clear that a lot of home buyers today are seeking more walkable communities.  They are avoiding looking for places to live in Lower Macungie Township in favor of walking friendly communities.


Lower Macungie Township has required developers to install walkways for a couple of decades.  Now is the time to connect those separate walkway segments to deliver the value from what has already been installed but does not connect well enough to be used.


It is time to finish our walkway system in Lower Macungie Township.


How can you get involved?  Go to and fill out contact form so we can send you occasional updates on what is going on.  Attend our meetings that we announce on the web site and through people who fill out our contact form.  We meet about every quarter.  Tell us where our plan needs improving


P.S.  [This is not about walkways within our neighborhoods.  Neighborhoods that don’t have sidewalks are dealing satisfactorily without them.  This is also not directly about the Greenway project, walkways along the Swabia and Little Lehigh Creeks.] 


Jim Palmquist

Co-Chairman, Lower Macungie Township Walkways Committee




Renato Abadilla Jr,
May 26, 2013, 5:54 AM