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The LMSS Today

The LMSS is the oldest and largest Medical Students' Society in the United Kingdom. We are a Registered Charity (1167764) and with over 1,000 current members we organise a variety of events throughout the academic year.

We exist as an outlet for your social, welfare, academic and sporting needs throughout your time as a student. The LMSS also provide a vast number of revision lectures and resources for learning, and our representatives are there to listen to any academic problems you feel you need addressing. 

As our articles state, the role of the LMSS to promote the well being, social life, sporting activities and charity fund-raising for all its members.

The society raised over £42,000 for charity in 2015/2016, and continues to raise countless amounts!


There is likely to be periods throughout your time at medical school where you will require support. We strive to protect all of the interests of our members at all times. We endeavour to help every one of our members flourish in all aspects of their lives and we seek to protect the welfare of all medical students in any way possible.
We also provide a series of revision lectures throughout the year, culminating in full weekend programmes of key topics for each year before their summative exams in the summer.


We are famous for holding some of the best social events in the calendar, be it from bar crawls to the mystery of our Ordinary Meetings, the glitz and glam of Annual Ball to the comedy and entertainment of the Annual Snowcase Review show, there is something for everyone.For example, if you're keen to discuss important issues around equality, diversity and culture, the newly set up Equality and Cultural Discussion Group (ECG) that we support will fulfil your needs.

The Liverpool Medical Students' Society (LMSS) is in no way associated with the University of Liverpool or the Liverpool Guild of Students

The LMSS Committee 2016/2017