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The Committee

The 142nd LMSS Committee

The elected LMSS Full Committee is typically formed of 39 full-time medical students representing the entire membership body. The committee works hard behind the scenes to make sure the society functions smoothly and all events run without a hitch. 

By convention, nominations for the three LMSS Officers of the Society are opened at the Annual Hustings Meeting, after which all years are invited to vote for their preferred candidates by secret ballot. The Full Committee is then chosen at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the March of every year.

Thomas Capstick

HELLO THERE! I’m Tom and I’m the LMSS President for 2016/17! 

First off, a MASSIVE congratulations on making it into Medical School! All those drafts and re-drafts of your personal statement and hours spent figuring out just what the hell you were going to say at interview have paid off. What lies ahead of you are undoubtedly five (or four if you’re a lovely grad) of the greatest and most rewarding years of your life, and even luckier for you, you get to spend them all in the greatest city on Earth, Liverpool. 

The Liverpool Medical Students’ Society is the oldest and largest medical students’ society in the country with around 1000 fully fledged members ranging from students of all years to doctors that have seen and done it all. It’s where people make lifelong friends and memories that they’ll never forget; and we want YOU to be a part of it. 

‘But what does the LMSS actually do Tom!?’ I hear you scream. Well quite simply the LMSS is here to help you with everything you need during your time as a student. From the day you set foot in Liverpool we’re here to help you with all your educational, extra-curricular, social, charitable and welfare needs. We do this via our absolutely jam packed calendar of events including lecture and revision days, formal balls and performances that will blow your minds. 

Your time as a student is full of so many amazing opportunities. I implore you to leave your reservations at the door and throw yourself in to absolutely everything you can. You won’t regret a second of it. Don’t be shy. Any questions in the meantime then don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

I can’t wait to meet you all.

Loads of Love,

Thomas Powell

You lucky people... WELCOME TO LIVERPOOL... and to the best five years of your life! My name is Tom, and i'm the Treasurer of the LMSS. I keep all the Society's money, and I also make sure you get the best value from your memberships. LMSS Membership lasts your whole time at Medical School and gets you discounts on every Event Ticket, Book, and Social Event you will attend (now that's value you can depend on!). 

The LMSS is a fantastic Society to be part of, it is your link to hundreds of potential new friends, through our jam packed events calendar... the possibilities are endless. Each year the LMSS guides hundreds of medical freshers through an exciting, daunting, and ridiculously enjoyable first year of study.

Get involved, throw yourself into everything the Society offers, and I guarantee you will make memories to last for the rest of your life, following in the footsteps of the thousands of LMSS Alumni before you.Remember that in twenty years time you won't look back on your time at Medical School with disappointment at the things that you have done, but at the things you have not.
I can't wait to meet you all, and remember...Don't Be Shy.
Lady Secretary
Lizzie Lane

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie and I have the absolute pleasure of being your Lady Secretary this year! I want you to feel like you already have a whole set of friends before you arrive… The LMSS! It is our duty to ensure that you have the most unforgettable, amazing, exciting experience here in Liverpool, both academically and socially. The society was founded over 130 years ago! The society currently has over 1500 members, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to meet students in the older years who understand your worries and concerns, so get to know them because they are an invaluable resource. 

On Thursday nights, we hold our “Ordinary Meetings” with traditions spanning over hundreds of years. Our guest speakers range from Soccer Saturday’s Phil Thompson to the comedian Gary Delaney to the singers of the famous song, “London Underground”, Amateur Transplants and many more!  The society caters for everyone -we provide a huge range of opportunities such as climbing Kilimanjaro, cycling from London to Paris, trips to Alton Towers, themed nights out, massive medical dinners and thorough revision weekends and lectures. I can’t wait to meet you! 

Lots of love, Lizzie

The Annual Dinner Chairman 
Will Down
Hello I am Will your annual dinner/bar crawl rep for the year 2016/17. On the 4th November this year you get the privilege of attending one of the best nights you will have, and that is the Men's bar crawl. This is where the fine gentlemen of the society get suited and booted and embark on some of Liverpool’s fine establishments for a night that will not be forgotten, we will then be getting buses from town to join the Ladies for a party at the hotel where they will be having dinner to continue the party until the early hours of the morning. Two week later we will be switching with the ladies and having our own Annual Dinner. Annual Dinner is a yearly even that has been going on 171 years, and you guys will have the honour of attending the 172 on the 18th November. It is an evening where all the gentlemen of the society get their dinner suits on and head down to a hotel for a night of sophistication and class. On the evening itself there will a three course meal and free alcohol, followed by a DJ/band when the ladies arrive. I have also planned a few surprises on the night but I shall leave a mystery until a later date. So make sure you all get your tickets early and come to both of these amazing events, you will not regret it. Don’t be shy….
The Annual Medical Ball Secretaries
Harry Lobb And Percy Wace
Hi there, we’re Harry and Percy, your LMSS Annual Ball reps for 2016/17. Annual Ball is a chance to dress up in all your black tie finery and fabulous frocks for what will be THE biggest night of the year.

This years annual ball theme is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a must attend event for all members and non-members of the LMSS. We promise this to be a truly spectacular night for absolutely everyone, involving a fully stocked “Wonka Bar”, chocolate fountains, other edible delights and 5 golden tickets for 5 special prizes on the night, as well as the usual charity raffle.
The evening will kick off with a drinks reception where you will be greeted by your fabulous LMSS committee whilst we will most likely be dressed as Willy Wonka himself. Following the reception, a 3 course meal will be included in the ticket price, followed by an unforgettable party put on by DJs and a live band.

Plenty of Annual Ball love, Harry and Percy xox
The Annual Smoking Concert Chairmen
Sam Latham and Will Thompson
Alright everyone, we're Will and Sam - your SNOWCASE reps for the next year. It’s our job to host the biggest event on the LMSS calendar… SNOWCASE. This tradition is over 130 years old and completely unique to our society. For those involved it is simply unforgettable so please Don’t Be Shy! Sam and Will x
The Associated Societies Liaison Secretary
Rea Hughes

Hi I’m Rea! I’m your Associated Societies rep (ASS rep ;) ) for 2016/2017!

The LMSS has a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for people from all years with the society. These range from volunteering to teach in local schools to learning valuable skills like suturing. I will be your point of call if you need any advice about any activities or have any ideas for starting up new societies. 

Lots of Love Rea xx

The British Medical Association (BMA) Liaison Secretary
Sam Dolan
Hi there! I'm Sam and I'm your rep for the British Medical Association, commonly known as the 'BMA' (or 'the militant doctors' if you read that reputable news outlet-the Daily Mail!) What is the BMA I hear you ask? As a trade union, the BMA defends and represents all of those in the medical profession (including you!) in matters associated with training and employment- you may have already heard about the BMA disagreeing with our (dear) Health Secretary over the Junior Doctors Contract Dispute. However more importantly they also have a national medical students committee-the voice of medical students in the UK. Through this committee we fight for various issues to protect and improve student welfare, education, finance and widening participation to medicine. If you want to get more involved yourself and represent the best medical school there is, then be sure to attend our national student conference in London, take part in our annual ethics debate against Manchester medical school (and continue our winning streak!) and come to talks that the BM(Yay!) organises throughout the year. If you'd like to raise anything with the BMA or would like more info, please feel free to contact me anytime on happy to help! X

The Business Secretary
Nikki Chavasse
Hi guys! My name is Nikki and I’m the Business rep for 2016/2017! 

This means I’m in charge of the LMSS online shop and all the merchandise that comes with it. My plans for this year include doing some amazing FRESHERS DEALS so you can get more for your money and save £££ with your LMSS membership! I’ll also arrange delivery of all your items, including personalised stethoscopes, hoodies and even the infamous LMSS onesie… 

I’d love to introduce some new items to the catalogue this year as well so if there’s absolutely anything you’d like that you don’t see on the website already, just let me know! 

I hope you all have an amazing year in the best city of them all, get buying and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask! 

Lots of love from Nikki xx
The Charities Secretaries 
Maddie Boyers and Alexandra Nelson
Hi guys we are Maddie and Alex your Charity Reps 2016/17. This year the LMSS will be supporting Claire House, a childrens’ hospice on the Wirral as our nominated charity. We will be putting on lots of fun events to raise as much money as we possibly can for this amazing charity over the next coming year. We are going to kick off the year with a Charity Auction that we would love to see you all at!! Other big events we will put on include an LMSS Charity Take Me Out and a Strictly Come Dancing.

We plan to keep up the fundraising going throughout the year with huge street collections, Christmas caroling and plenty of amazing raffle prizes at the LMSS events! We’re going to get a charities committee going so more people can get involved with our charitable efforts. If any of you are interested in this please get in contact with us. As Freshers last year we had a great time getting involved with the LMSS charity events and we are looking forward to organising the events this year!  Charity love, Maddie and Alex xxx
The History and Alumni Secretary
Vikram Singh
Hi there! Hows it going? My name is Vikram and I’m your History & Alumni Rep for the year.

You’re probably asking yourself what that could even involve and to be honest with you it’s more exciting than you think! I effectively have two jobs to do under this position. First of all, I look after the LMSS archives and do my best to promote and teach everyone about the society of the history (only if you are interested of course!).

This means finding out interesting facts and stories about the society and delivering them all in an entertaining way at ordinary meetings, in SPHINCTER etc. Second of all, I maintain relations with alumni of the society, keeping them informed with current affairs through a regular newsletter, mailing lists and the like. So if there’s anything I can do to help you or if you’re an alumni looking to be added to the mailing list or acquire some further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!
The House Secretaries
 Ellie Briegal and Paige Hall
We’re Ellie and Paige and we will be your LMSS House Secretaries for this year! This means we will be providing you with freshly cooked FREE food at LMSS Ordinary Meetings and other events throughout the year.
We want to make sure that we’re keeping YOU happy by running polls through Facebook with a variety of meals, the most popular being cooked for the night, so that you know you’ll be rushing back from uni or hospital to a meal you can be excited about! We will even cater for vegetarians as well as meat lovers, but whatever your preference be sure to come down to meetings and grab some free grub!
The Ladies Dinner Secretary
 Bryony Howard
Hi there, to all of you incredible lovely ladies, I’m Bryony and this year I’m lucky enough to be your Ladies Dinner representative. Prepare yourselves for one of the most magical, amazing incredible nights of the year – The Annual Ladies Dinner. This year I will be bring you to an Alice and Wonderland Tea Party full of mystery, magic – and of course mayhem (more to come later…) So don’t be shy and look out for your invite to the Devonshire Hotel where us ladies will enjoy a three course meal, champagne reception and an evening of entertainment, dancing and the arrival of the boys after their annual Pub crawl!

So get excited and get involved in all the LMSS has to offer this year, and if you have any questions at all, find me on Facebook, and send a message.

Look forward to seeing you all soon! Love Bryony x
The Publications Secretary
Mike Whitehead

My name is Mike Whitehead and I'll be your Publications Sec for the next year! So I'll be exposing my SPHINCTER to you 4 or 5 times over the next 12 months. SPHINCTER is the student magazine and the front page of the LMSS. 

Our magazine is just that, OURS. Without the valuable creativity and writing, artistic, and photography skills of all of you, the magazine would not be able to function. So any budding Shakespeares amongst you, please contact me, and get your creative masterpieces published for all to read whilst procrastinating around Merseyside! SPHINCTER is now entering its 80th year in print so make sure you produce something for me, which automatically enters you into the iPad prize draw and gains you an invitation to the all-paid-for Annual Editor's Dinner!  

Much love, Mike Whitehead x
The Sports Secretary 
Joe Holdsworth
Hi everyone, I’m Joe Holdsworth, this years’ Sport’s Representative for the LMSS! 

Throughout the year I’ll keep you updated with the results from the various sports teams and any upcoming events from them, with some other new plans in their planning stages to keep an eye out for too.

Also be sure to save a date in your diary when it comes for the AU night, a great opportunity to represent your club, to raise some money and have a class social with your friends!
 The Social Secretaries 
Eddie Lane and Rachel Brennand
Hello legends, we’re Eddie and Rachael and our job as Social Secretaries for the LMSS is to organise the best nights out in Liverpool! From post ‘Ordinary meeting’ bar crawls to throwing the biggest welcome back parties we will be catering for all your social needs throughout the year!


Whether you are keen for a drink or not our socials are open and inclusive to everyone. The socials are a great way to get to know all the LMSS members in all years and an even better way to let your hair down after a hard week in uni!


If you see us on campus make sure to say hello but we hope to see you at all the amazing LMSS events this year! So make sure to get involved and most importantly- DON’T BE SHY!!!
The Webmaster 
Michael Clucas
Hey everyone! I'm Michael and I will be looking after the website for the next year.
Whether its getting your hands on tickets to one of the many events the LMSS puts on, or buying that hoody you've always wanted, the website is a central hub for all medical students. 
I will ensure that the website is updated very frequently, so keep your eye out for updates on here and also through the LMSSonline twitter page.

If you ever want anything putting on the website or want an event advertised, do not hesitate to get in touch via email or over Facebook!
The LMSS is the best medical student society in the world, so make sure you really get involved with this brilliant society! You won't regret it!

Much love,
Michael x
 The Welfare and Diversity Secretary 
Maz Shawe-Taylor
Hello! My name’s Maz, and I am lucky enough to be your Welfare and Diversity Rep this year! In this role I will be available to you all, at any time, for any help I can be. As fantastic and exciting as studying medicine is (particularly this one) it can be a stressful time too. Even if I have not personally dealt with a particular issue, I will make sure to help you find a solution, or put you in touch with someone better equipped to help. I can promise that the matter will not be left until you are happy with its conclusion. Another part of my job is making sure that the movement towards a more diverse and universally appealing society continues. If anyone has any comments, thoughts, or suggestions in this regard, they would be much appreciated, as it is important to us all to make sure everyone feels wanted and included. Please feel free to turn to me with any advice about anything at any time, I am always so happy to help! Maz xxxx
  The Year 1 MBChB Representatives 
 The Year 2 MBChB Representatives
Joe Clarkson and Lauren Battey
Hi everyone! We’re Lauren and Joe and we’re the 2nd year reps for 2016-2017! 

This means that it’s our job to help organise revision lectures and weekends, help to organise our years performance in Snowcase and make sure 2nd year get their voice heard on the committee! On top of this, we’re hoping to organise a social specifically for the second years! We’re both really passionate about the LMSS and love getting involved in everything they do. We’re really excited to be taking on this role this year, so any queries or suggestions you may have don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! 

We’ll be at all the ordinary meetings and LMSS socials so we’ll see you there! 

Lots of LMSS love

Lauren and Joe 


 The Year 3 MBChB Representatives
Josh Callon and Anna Griffin
Hi guys! We’re Anna and Josh and we’ve been lucky enough to be voted in to be this years 3rd year reps for the LMSS. Our role is to ensure all 3rd years have the best year possible and ranges from us organising cracking year socials, to providing helpful revision weekends.

Another task we take on is organising the Midcourse ball to celebrate us all reaching the halfway point to becoming a Doctor. And we will be trying our best to lead the 3rd years to a victory at this years Smoker.

Feel free to approach us at any time and we’ll always be happy to help,

Much love 

 The Year 4 MBChB Representatives 
Mark Williams and Charlotte King
We're Charlotte & Mark and we are super excited to be the LMSS 4th Year Reps for this Academic Year!
That means we'll be taking on specialities rotations, finals, locas and all that Jazz but we get to celebrate by hosting the POST-FINALS BOAT PARTY before jetting off on elective - not so bad after all!
Preparing for finals means we are currently the smartest students on the block (obvs..) so if we didn't already meet you on BUS TOUR then we would love to meet you at all of the great LMSS events and could help you out with any questions!
Good luck and have a ball!

Charlotte and Mark X

 The Year 5 MBChB Representatives 
Chloe Barnes and Kyle Millar
Hey, we're Chloe and Kyle. We're the 5th year reps for 2016/17. Our Job is to look after the 5th Years, help organise our years Snowcase and throw a sophisticated going away Ball for our Graduating peers. Yes, we are the king & queen of 5th year but that's not to say that we won't help people from outside 5th year. So if you have any questions or problems, 5th year or not, don't ever hesitate to ask away!
The Academic Secretary
Alex Parker

Congratulations! You’ve done it! You are now a Liverpool Medical Student and oh my, are you going to have some fun over the next few years…

However, as much as you are going to enjoy this first year of uni, you do still have the unavoidable task of having to pass those pesky exams at the end of the year.

That’s where I hope I can help, my name is Alex and I am the medical school’s Academic Rep. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are struggling with your work or there are parts of the course you’re worried about. I am here to support you in all aspects of your academic life. I will be having meetings with faculty to make sure any worries you may have are being addressed. We will be putting on extra seminars and workshops to help with any trickier topics as well as organising revision weekends to help you prepare for your exams at the end of the year.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!

Alex Parker