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Associated Societies

Associated Societies
LMSS Associated Societies

Student Physicians Society (SPS)

This society puts on weekly lectures throughout the year covering medicine based topics. Lectures are usually given by registrars or consultants from hospitals in the region. SPS also organises revision days and career lectures.

Surgical scousers

This society puts on weekly lectures covering surgical topics, careers advice and also arranges suturing and other surgical skills workshops for students. There is also a revision day organised around exam time with talks from registrars and consultants working in the region. Particularly for the younger years surgical scousers organises anatomy demonstration sessions taken by academic doctors in the anatomy resource centre.


Snogs covers everything regarding obstetrics and gynaecology. There are regular lectures throughout the year along with a revision day towards exam time. For anyone interested in obs and gynae this is well worth getting involved in.

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Paed society

This society puts on lectures throughout the year covering paediatric medicine and surgery. There are also careers talks and a revision weekend later on in the year.

Psych society

As the name suggests this society is for anyone interested in psychiatry, there are lectures covering what you need to know psych wise to get through exams along with career talks. As with many of the other societies there is also a revision day organised yearly.


This society trains medical students to deliver sex education to local school children. This is a valuable opportunity to hand something back to the local community as well as further your CV.

Teddy Bear Hospital

This affiliated society aims to reduce anxiety for children when seeing their GPs or going to hospital. They do this by visiting schools and running simulated consultations in which children act as a parent bringing their teddy bears to see the doctor. This is incredible rewarding and looks very good on your CV.

Rad soc

This new society aims to provide lectures covering topics related to radiology, it is a must for anyone interested in a career in radiology or interventional radiology.

Hugh Owens Thomas Orthopaedic Society

This newly formed society provides lectures throughout the year on trauma and orthopaedics. The lectures are aimed at all years and all interests from basic anatomy to preparation for LOCAS lectures. As with many of the other societies HOTS puts on a revision weekend and also career advice for those interested. As well as academic events HOTS has many socials throughout the year.


This is a national student led organisation whose aim is to promote health as well as educate students on health inequalities in local and global communities. There is a Liverpool branch of this organisation with its own committee. This society is well worth getting involved in especially for those interested in healthcare abroad.