Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us using one of the following e-mail links below:

The President - Mr. Thomas A. Capstick - 
The President is the sole spokesperson for the Society. He will answer all press queries and will answer related information (please note that The President will not respond to MBChB Admissions related enquiries and these should be directed to the University).

The Treasurer - Mr. Thomas J. H. Powell - 
The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer for the Society. He will deal with all invoices and bills. The Treasurer also handles the Society's business relating to Companies House and the Charity Commission. If in doubt, please contact.

Lady Secretary - Miss. Elizabeth C. Lane - 
The Secretary is responsible for making sure Members are properly registered and their interests are maintained at all times. The Secretary ensures that Society events and meetings are properly organised and Members have an appropriate point of contact. As such Members should initially contact the Secretary about Membership or Election queries.


The Webmaster - Mr. Michael Clucas - 
Any website or technical difficulties please contact our Webmaster at the above address.