Academic Support

Academic Support

Welcome to the Academic section of the LMSS website. Here we have a wide variety of study material, along with some helpful presentations to get you through those pesky exams! Our academic rep is happy to help out whenever possible, so just drop her an e-mail if you have any thoughts / ideas to improve the level of outside teaching.

Below you can find support based on each Year Group. 

Year 1
Year 1 Reading List

Year 2
Year 2 Core Cases.ppt - View Download

Year 3
Year 3 PDF
Down's Syndrome Screening
Antenatal Guidelines

Year 4
Year 4 PDF
Systolic Murmurs
Surgery Revision Checklist
Post Op Complications
Diastolic Murmurs
Dermatology Quiz
Core Case Framework PTSD
Core Case Framework Personality Disorders

SSM Referencing Help courtesy of Jim Hare

Organ Transplant, Retention and Post Mortems
Ethical Aspects of Reproductive Technologies
Frith Encyclopaedia of Applied Ethics

Examinations and LOCAS
Chest X-Ray 1
Chest X-Ray 2
Chest X-Ray 3
Chest X-Ray 4
Chest X-Ray 5
Abdominal X-Ray Presentation
4th Year PVD LOCAS.ppt - View Download
Cardiology.ppt - View Download
Cranial Nerves LOCAS.ppt - View Download
Gastroenterology LOCAS.ppt - View Download
Goenka - Endocrinology for finals.PPT - View Download
Knee Examination.ppt - View Download
LOCAS Preparation.docx View Download
LOCAS Teaching.ppt - View Download
Neck Lumps.ppt - View Download
Neuro LOCAS.ppt - View Download
Obstetrics and Gynaecology LOCAS.ppt - View Download
Obstetrics and Gynaecology.ppt - View Download
Population Perspective Finals.ppt - View Download
Respiratory Examination.ppt View Download