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Partner Highlighting

Partner Highlighting

Domains of Language Addressed:  Thinking, Reading, Speaking, Listening

This is a great way to practice finding main ideas and key details in text. 


1.    Pair students.  On paper or on a digital version of a text, each student in the pair will read the text. Students will  highlight the main ideas and key details in the text. (Each partner will use a different color of highlighter.)

2.    When this task has been completed, students switch highlighter colors with their partners.  Each student will now use the second highlighter color to highlight the rest of the important information that his/her partner found.  Students should talk about similarities and differences in their highlighting and discuss their reason for highlighting or not highlighting particular phrases in the text. 

Application Ideas:

Use before writing summaries

Find “Who, What, Where, When, Why, How” in news articles

Identify main idea and supporting details

 ** Please see the attachment below to learn how LMS teachers have used this strategy with their classes!

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