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Parallel Lines



This is an active listening activity.  It’s a great way to review materials learned in class.


Students will form two lines of equal length facing one another (Line A and Line B).

Students will find their partner directly across from them. 

The teacher will prompt students with a topic.  Student A will share one piece of information with Student B about that topic.  Student B will also exchange one piece of information.

At the teacher’s command, students in Line A will shift one step to the right so they are facing a new partner in Line B.

The new partners will again exchange information about the given topic. 

Repeat directions above until the conversation about that topic is finished or a new topic is given.

Variation: Include information recorded on a graphic organizer.  Students come to the line with an independently completed graphic organizer.  Each interaction would lead to the student adding more information to the organizer.

Erin Hanna,
Jan 11, 2012, 6:46 AM