Autumn 2016

We have obtained a Class 58 diesel locomotive to use as the basis for our reconstruction.  it is now housed on the Peak Railway.


      We have our hands on an engine!! We have secured an English Electric 16SVT engine to power LMS 10000.

      Visit our news page to see details of the engine, and the sponsorship programme to pay for it.

23-Oct-2011 There is lots of good news on the design front. The first two questions of the feasibility study have been answered;

       1.    Does enough design material exist to recreate the loco?  A definite yes, we have access to hundreds of original drawings to help us on our way.

       2.    Do any components exist from the original Locos? Another Yes. We have located original parts and having discussions with their owners regarding using them for our project.

And other progress includes;

       Society set up,

       Constitution written and agreed,

       Website, Twitter, Facebook and mailing lists all created and online.

       Bank accounts applied for.

       Charity registration is underway.

17-sep-2011 We have had our initial get together, and plans are no in motion. We have some exciting news about useful components (which must unfortunately remain confidential at the moment), which we will bring to you as soon as possible.

   13-sept-2011   News so far; We are getting ourselves set up, and gathering a few followers. Some press releases to follow soon. For more info, contact us on