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posted 27 Apr 2018, 14:20 by Andrew Hoseason   [ updated 28 Apr 2018, 13:37 ]

Thank you all who came along to the AGM today in Derby.  Paul Etherington shared with us a variety of engineering insights and plans.  

Mark Walker is taking the reigns as Chair and I am sure the society will prosper.  Thanks to Don Asher and Tony Ellershaw for their help in moving our sales and exhibition stock from Norfolk and Devon to Derby, ready for the year ahead.   

The next year is one for publicity and fundraising which all of us can take a part in.  More news soon.  

Two pints for the Twins

posted 30 Mar 2018, 13:08 by Andrew Hoseason   [ updated 30 Mar 2018, 13:10 ]

Michael Prince is doing the Three Peaks Walk in April, hoping to raise £6000 toward purchase of the bogies for 10000

Here is the link to the sponsorship page:

Shop items

posted 28 Mar 2018, 07:12 by Tony Ellershaw

I've put a small number of fleeces in the shop cost £30 delivered. If they all sell, I'll restock.

I've sold out of the £10 T-shirts, so will be ordering some more in the near future. I should be able to do new stock at the same price.
To date I've ordered everything in black, but we could also have green, or infact any other colour.  Please send any expressions of interest, colours and sizes,   to, and I'll get them restocked.


Constitution and Society leaflet

posted 28 Feb 2018, 14:16 by Andrew Hoseason   [ updated 5 Apr 2018, 10:10 ]

Link to Society Constitution:

Link to 2018 version of the Society Prospectus:

2018 Annual General Meeting

posted 7 Feb 2018, 08:30 by Andrew Hoseason   [ updated 7 Feb 2018, 08:31 ]

The Society's AGM will be held on

Saturday 28th April 2018

Starting at 1pm 
(we will be at the venue before that time)

Venue: Aston Court Hotel, Midland Road, Derby. DE1 2SL
Free parking is available on site and the venue is across the road from the railway station.

Would anyone considering becoming a member or renewing membership please wait till nearer the time (forms will be available at the meeting) as we have to absorb the new data protection law into our membership form.

Dec 2017 Anniversary

posted 11 Dec 2017, 07:43 by Tony Ellershaw   [ updated 3 Jan 2018, 12:35 ]

70 years ago this month a major milestone happened in the UK railway industry.

On 18 December 1947, the LMS presented it's brand new mainline diesel locomotive number 10000 to the world

Read more

2017 AGM minutes

posted 26 Aug 2017, 11:09 by Andrew Hoseason   [ updated 29 Aug 2017, 04:30 ]

Here are the minutes for the 2017 Annual General Meeting held on 19 August.  

Meeting 27th January 2016

posted 28 Jan 2016, 11:22 by LMS 10000

Work is still ongoing with the movement of 58022 from Crewe to its short term storage location, by the time you read this 58022 should have been purged of all fluids ready for transport.
The meeting held on Saturday was highly constructive with a huge action list coming out of it. 
As promised meeting minutes will be sent via email to all members for your information. Once again many thanks from the IDRS Board Members for no unannounced attendees wanting a seat within the small meeting room.
If any of you have pictures of 10000 and 10001 in service or stored, that you took or you have property of, or you have any interesting stories to tell about them then please get in touch.
Also we would like to here from anyone that would like to be involved with the Project Team or volunteering to undertake the many "hands on" tasks we have ahead of us, before any re-engineering works can can be undertaken.

We will Issue the AGM Agenda with the next news report. 

Developments for 2016

posted 21 Jan 2016, 06:02 by LMS 10000   [ updated 16 Feb 2018, 07:34 by Andrew Hoseason ]

The IDRS Committee Members shall be meeting up at Derby this coming weekend to thrash out our strategy for the up and coming year.

This meeting has a very busy agenda, a small meeting room and limited time for "any other business" with this in mind I would like state that it is "By appointment only". We would not like to cause any offence to anyone turning up unannounced and having very limited seating arrangements for them.
In order to keep the wheels of information moving we will be sending out minutes of this meeting to all IDRS members asap post meeting.

We have organised an AGM on the 2nd April within the Derby Museum starting at mid-day until 1600hrs, that will include plenty of space, plenty of time for questions, suggestions and light refreshments. Also it would be wise to give yourself time to look round this gem of a Museum Archive.

In reaction to some of the feedback we have received our membership rates for the 2015 to 2016 period are as follows;

Life Membership = £500
One Year Adult = £20
Junior (up to age 14) = £14

If you require any correspondence regarding this project please sent to

We will be reviewing this coming weekend for the period from 2016 to 2017 along with other factors that will aid membership of the IDRS.
If you would like anything specific being brought up at the January committee meeting, please send an email to

58022 is still residing at Crewe, its remaining fluids have been drained. However DBS have quite a bit of shunting to do to release either of the class 58's there. We have obtained quotations to remove the loco by road and rail, we are currently assessing these on the grounds of suitability and cost to the Society. We envisage this move being undertaken very soon! 
Many discussions have taken place with "Interested Organisations" regarding our latest acquisition and the plans being developed for 2016.

Finally we would like to say a special thanks to all supporters and the members that have donated towards the project, renewed membership, offered  assistance towards the project. Without you the Project to rebuild The First Mainline Diesel and Electric Locomotive to successfully operate in Great Britain would indeed not be possible.
Again we would like to appeal to anyone who wishes to help with this project in any way they would be comfortable with, to get in touch.

 It is time for this diesel locomotive icon to gain the recognition that it deserves. Railway Preservation has reached a new era with certain "Lazarus" steam locomotives under construction, nearly all first generation diesel and electric locomotives represented with many fine examples preserved and running up and down the country. This locomotive can make its "Art Decor" presence felt again for a price that is becoming a reality for some mainline steam overhauls! 


Successful Purchase of a suitable chassis and components.

posted 8 Jan 2016, 08:55 by LMS 10000

I am highly delighted to pass on the good news that the IDRS have successfully purchased 58022 from DBS.

This locomotive has resided at Crewe for many years giving up many components for other locos over the passage of time.  In light of this and what condition the remainder of the locomotive is in, it was decided that this loco was highly unlikely to be returned to service by preservationists or by a TOC. With this in mind we inspected it for suitability for our purpose and put a bid in.

Many aspects of the purchase has kept quite a few of us busy over the Christmas Holidays, with arranging transport and suitable accommodation.

We are currently working on a permanent engineering base in which to undertake a safe, secure,  methodical and thorough strip down of the loco components, that require restoration/modification or disposal as per our drawings and work instructions. However in all reality it is likely that the loco will go into secure temporary storage for the meantime. Indeed we have much equipment including the  MK1 16SVT to move to the base before we commence careful strip down.  
More news on this soon I hope!

The purchase of the locomotive has been made possible by an "interest free loan" to enable it to be procured quickly and efficiently and without too much publicity, in light of this we will be launching an "Appeal" very soon to cover this purchase cost. (Ideas most welcome!)
To bolster this we will look to disposing the loco parts that are not required in the most beneficial way for the project build.

We know this news has been a long time in the making but without this fundamental component within our ownership, physical development was hampered to say the least!

With this news I hope we will recruit new membership and persons that want to become more involved with this exciting project, I know it would give us the greatest of pleasure in which to train and develop the skills of a generation that are finding it increasingly difficult to access "Heavy Engineering" or locomotive building as a career due to the ever decreasing facilities in which to do so within the UK.

If anyone is interested in getting involved with any aspect that you would be comfortable with please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself at

Finally we would like ot wish you all a "Happy and Prosperous New Year!"   

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