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Power unit
The power unit been purchased, and is secured

The 16SVT is the correct engine for LMS 10000, and the unit we have is contemporary with the original locos, having been made in the late 1940s. Astonishingly, after all these years it is in a very good condition having been run only as a standby generator, and has very low engine hours. It makes the perfect heart for the recreated loco. It also has the correct Brown Boveri Turbochargers, and this will ensure that the recreation sounds just like the original.

The engine is a V16 Diesel, type 16SVT, weighing 17 tons. It has a 10in bore and 12in stroke, giving a capacity of 247 liters.
It has 4 turbochargers and is rated as 1600 bhp at 750 rpm.

A Class 58 has been purchased, as it's frames are similar to 10000. It will be stripped, and unwanted parts will be offered for sale.
This locomotive has resided at Crewe for many years giving up many components for other locos over the passage of time.  In light of this and what condition the remainder of the locomotive is in, it was decided that this loco was highly unlikely to be returned to service by preservationists or by a TOC. With this in mind we inspected it for suitability for our purpose and put a bid in.

The society has identified a pair of  Bogies from an EM2 (class 77)  locomotive. These are similar to 10000. Should these become available, their condition will need to be assessed, refurbished and put under the class 58 frames. If they are found to be not satisfactory, new ones will be fabricated.

Decision is still to be made. One option may be a class 37 unit. It is possible that control equipment and traction motors could also be used.

Wish list.
40ft Shipping containers.
Secure storage.
Tarpaulin to cover the class 58.