Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What Livery will it be painted?
A.  It will carry both BR and LMS liveries from time to time... If you desperately want a specific livery, consider contributing

Q.  Why not 10201, 10202, 10203 or the Fell Loco?
A.  Whilst these are all significant locomotives in their own right, 10000 and 10001 came before and accurately predicted the shape of future locomotives.

Q.  Are you planning to also build 10001?
A.  Just building 10000 will be hard enough. However, it's not being ruled out that we might consider working on the twin when 10000 is up and running. While many people would be very happy to see both of the twins recreated, successfully building one is preferable to only getting halfway each with two.

Q.  When will you be finished, and when can I ride behind the completed locomotive?
A.  That depends on many things, Volunteers, Money, Parts availability, and a bit of luck.  If you can help us in any way, it will shorten the project, but it is anticipated to be a good few years (and £100,000s) before it will be ready. Check back here for updates on progress.

Q.  Will it be a 100% accurate recreation?
A.  Probably not 100%. Some things just wouldn't be allowed any more, and as we will have to make many new components, we may have to apply modern materials and techniques. However the intention is to use as many accurate parts as possible, especially where they affect the sight, sound or performance of the locomotive.

Q. How can I help?
A. Just email us at and let us know you are interested. We need to do feasibility studies, research and design before we can start the loco build, but what we do need know is people who can help with the many jobs, big and small, or even who just have an interest. Take a look at our vacancies page, or get in touch and let us know how you can help.

Q. How will modern legislation affect the plans?
A. Modern locomotive designs have moved on a long way in terms of Emissions, Crash Worthiness, Visibility etc. and legislation supports this. Finding out what that means for this project is one of the key points of the feasibility studies being undertaken. It's worth remembering that much of this legislation is intended to apply to large fleets of modern designs, and we are encouraged by the fact it is still possible to run a locomotive powered by a huge fire, and a large kettle of high pressure steam around the railways of the UK without yellow ends or men with red flags. That said, this is definitely going to be a challenge as we need to meet as many of the legislative requirements as possible. If you have experience in this area, please get in touch.

Q. Shouldn't it be 10002?
A. Yes, it certainly won't actually be 10000, and at very best it would be a complete rebuild, but more likely a total recreation. That said we think it is important to use the name that most people associate with this class. There is also a very low risk of confusion with other members of the class (they were both scrapped in the 1960s), so we feel it will be ok to use the 10000 and 10001 numbers from time to time. Ask most railway followers what LMS 10000 is and they will know, few would guess what LMS 10002 would be.

Q. Can you just use a class 37 as a donor?
A. Superficially the 37 looks similar, but when you look in more detail there are far greater differences. The 37 frames/chassis probably wouldn't be much use due to the different engine and bogies. The body also doesn't give us much except maybe a few windows and grilles. Control and braking gear may be more useful as in that area, much of the detail wouldn't be seen from the outside. There are other classes of loco however that do have much more in common and we are looking into that area. If you have any info in this area, please get in touch as we'd be keen to here your ideas.

Q. Shouldn't it be the Ivatt Diesel Re-Creation Society
A. Yes, the word Re-creation should be hyphenated. However in the internet age, strange things sometimes happen to hyphenated words. Search engines often use a hyphen to mean "and not"  so there is a risk of searches looking for something that contains "Ivatt AND Diesel AND Re BUT NOT creation OR Society". Missing the Hyphen also makes the abbreviation simpler (it is always IDRS not IDRCS or IDR-CS). Finally, there is a nod to the fact that after all, the project is a recreational activity.