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There is something called Palestine out there and they are having some trouble with occupation and in the latest posters around Wits they are comparing it to the apartheid time. This was in a book by some former American prez apparently. There is a website on this if you wanna see for yourself.

There is also a place called Dafur. Wits students should have this around and read about it...


Witnessing Darfur, a multimedia expo to raise awareness about the current humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of the Sudan, will be presented by the Wits Darfur Awareness Committee in conjunction with the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS). The exhibition will run from 24 - 30 April 2007 from 8am - 5pm in the Senate House Concourse. The public is invited to attend the open days from 27-30 April. Read more


 This is from an email i got from Shirona Patel ( ). If you want to SAVEDARFUR a good plcce to start is clicking the link.


Yeah you know it. Zimbabwe. Need I say more? maybe its a mustache thing. Well its there and read up and you can read more on There is also the swaziland thing with a man havin so many wives.  cannot be good. a friend of mine says you cannot please more than one woman. How does he do it? does he do it? read up on pleasing women here.

Kungani? (i'm not gonna translate all these things)

There are many more stories out there about wars, nuclear threats, crime, family problems, guys not having girlfriends,  porvety, exam stress, boys wanting girlfriends, university pressure, love ...

 I found a satisfying answer as to why this happening. It all started a long time ago when some idiot thought he could do a better job of ruling himself. It wasn't all his fault though there was some influence from an even bigger imbisile who wanted glory for himself read more about this click here. If you are not satisfied then read the line at the bottom of this page. I will see what i can do.


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