"thats where I wanna be... Its where I should be."

This is uhm... you be the judge

I think I best start with my favorite operating system: Ubuntu.

This is a linux based operating system and is probably the most popular of all Linux based distributions. I made this to try explain what Linux and Ubuntu are.

Next I will do Linux. Linux is a kernel... just watch this presentation:-) or you could visit this 

Now that thats out the way Lets get on to

software that I recommend

First: Firefox,The second most used browser in the world and it is openSource.

Second: it may not be openSource but it Awesome!!: Opera. I use a lot of operaMini a lot as it has no competititon.

Third: any openSource software. I encourage the use of openSource software because some of them can be used cross platform as there is no copyright you can just take and tweak it to your needs, Well thats what I will be doing before I am going to be doing before I am done with Wits.

By the way (BTW?), for all linux haters out there I believe this blog can provide some great ammuntion next time some "Luser" says linux is the best.





Firefox 3

get opera

Check out linux screenshots

bad vista

 Ubuntu has a magazine out

Full circle