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Instructional Resources

There is very little to be found on professional development for sale that will assist teachers to understand and employ mobile learning in their classrooms. Most of the following are articles that are designed to help teachers get started with technology and social networking in their classrooms.

Articles / Guidance Documents


  • Digital Learning for All, Now: A School Leader's Guide for 1:1 on a Budget (Feb. 28, 2012) Jonathan Costa, director of school and program services for the EDUCATION CONNECTION, a regional education service center in Litchfield, Connecticut. Corwin Press.
    "This breakthrough guide outlines field-tested strategies show how to affordably integrate technology, utilize open source and crowd sourcing, and align instructional systems and culture to optimize student learning."

Professional Organizations

  • EdTech Leaders Online
    This organization offers courses on how to develop and facilitate online courses, with mobile access available to all participants. There are also shorter workshops for purchase that assist teachers with using technology in their clasrooms. In one called: Developing and Growing Personal Learning Networks for School Leaders participants will "learn how to [and use] tools such as blogs, microblogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, and even their mobile phones [to] help them to grow their Personal Learning Networks."



  • Tool Matrix for Mobile Learning
    • A spreadsheet of basic tools that could be adopted in BYOD/BYOT scenarios where different platforms are used by teachers and students.