Mobile Learning for Administrators

Mobile learning traditionally means any learning that is mediated by a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or mini computer. However, even as mobile devices are becoming increasingly commonplace in schools, the field of mobile learning is still evolving on Internet time. Beyond using mobile devices, mobile learning is shifting to encompass the needs of mobile learners who access their content, tools, and communities any time, any place. Students are beginning to use a combination of hardware, such as a laptop plus a tablet or smartphone, and Internet connection technologies, such as WiFi plus cellular data, to support digital learning 24/7/365.

As pioneering districts  are beginning to realize the enormous potential of mobile learning, they are also discovering the potential pitfalls at each step along the way. The CoSN Leadership for Mobile Learning Initiative has developed this guide to support school districts in navigating the digital transition to mobile learning in 1:1, BYOD, and mixed environments.

As a district leader you may be under pressure  from your students, parents, teachers or community to adopt a mobile learning environment. You may be implementing a suite of technologies to support on-line assessment and planning for an infrastructure that will support the rapidly changing digital tools and resources that are becoming available for K-12 education. You may be looking for technology to support a mix of both old new pedagogies enabled by 24/7/365 Internet connectivity. Or you may have a vision for teaching and learning that depends, among other things, on the affordances of mobile devices.  

In any scenario, mobile learning leads to new considerations, from technology infrastructure to professional development, to policy changes, to funding, to equity issues. This guide provides a foundation for addressing these considerations through specific tools, checklists, and current, actionable advice and insight from technology leaders in pioneering districts.

Steps to Mobile LearningAn outline of the key considerations at each step of transitioning to mobile learning, with links to useful resources.

Mobile Learning: Avoiding Common Pitfalls - A graphic highlighting common mistakes and pitfalls in implementing mobile learning.

What is Digital Transformation - A graphic showing what Digital Transformation looks like in 5 dimensions: Student Outcomes, Educator Outcomes, Culture, Infrastructure, and IT.

Digital Transformation: A Recipe for Success - Successful districts have certain commonalities when it comes to digital transformation. Districts that struggle also have certain commonalities, particularly those that have high profile media challenges. Hear from Lenny Schad, CTO for Houston ISD about the commonalities he has discovered in partnering with leading districts and supporting districts that are just beginning their journey.

Mobile Learning Insights - District technology leaders share their expertise and experience with mobile learning through short videos addressing top questions and issues.

Critical Conversations - What are the conversations that the CTO absolutely needs to have with the CAO?

Technology Success How-To's - How do you deal with the most wicked challenges of taking the digital leap?  CoSN’s new Framework for School System Success not only provides guidance, but brings up the toughest questions about how to be successful in taking on such an initiative.  To find out how leading districts have addressed these challenges, check out this series of short videos

1:1 and BYOD Considerations - 1:1 and BYOD don't have to be mutually exclusive.  Explore how to make the decision about what model is right for you.