September 2008 Knutson Chronicles

September 2008

9.30 At the playground


The evenings have been cooler and much nicer for walks to the playground.  Kaden is climbing the ladder in flip-flops, he looks ecstatic, Daddy looks a little worried, but it's really mommy who kept saying "be careful," not really wanting Kaden to realize he could climb by himself.  Kaden also brought his little toy car to roll down the slide, that was fun too.


 36 weeks in these pictures, and yes I had trouble getting down from the playground afterwards.









9.27 Food and Wine Festival

IMG_4238We headed over to Orlando for one last Disney visit (35wks in this picture)  before the baby and of course we couldn't miss Epcot's food festival.  We ate some pretty good food at the mexico and brazil booths, and we had some really good cheese too.  Becky, Dave and Kaden's grandparents all made an appearance.  But I think the best as always was watching Kaden's eyes light up with the fireworks ("boom booms"). 



<<even  Kili came


Kaden and Grandmommy, I have no idea why he's making that face >>


9.22 Eating Noodles


Kaden tried to eat noodles with chopstick and one hand seemed to be the preferred method

9.21 Visit to Polk City


IMG_4213 Down the slide!^^






                     Hey, we both have hats!^^

<Playing the keyboard with Granny.


9.20 Family picture, 34 weeks


 The only shirt I own in Gator colors that would have fit me was solid orange, not the color to wear on a UF/Tennessee game day!  There are some videos on flickr from this day too, Kaden saying "I like lettuce" is my favorite, of course he only liked lettuce from granddaddy's bowl even though it had the same dip (dressing) as daddy's.

9.15 Kaden says...

 "I wanna sit by next to you!"

"Mommy - I got my jammas on"

"Take me up" - for 'pick me up'

"Frufrator" for refrigerator"

He also likes to say "I'm too big" when he wants help and can't figure something out instead of saying "I'm too little."

And the other day, I noticed he was carrying his little elmo around like a baby and using the top of something he found to pretend like he was giving elmo a bottle.  Of course when I found him an extra bottle to use, he lost interest.  But maybe he's starting to realize what's coming???  Well, maybe just a little bit, I don't think any of us really know what to expect!

9.7 Mowing the lawn story

Immediately after cutting the grass with Daddy, Kaden who has not yet figured out the concept of time said "Did we cut the grass yesterday?"  Then on the phone he said "We cut the grass, we mowed the lawn....ouch, ouch, ouch!"  (with associated hand motions, the grass said ouch)

9.4 "You're my mommy"

Kaden decided one night I wasn't his mother and Nate wasn't his father, we're his "mommy" and "daddy."  I think this video is really, really cute, there's one more on flickr.

I'm having trouble loading the video onto the website, but this link should work..




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