October 2008 Knutson Chronicles

October 2008

visit to the pumpkin patch10.31 Happy Halloween!

Pirate!Today was very busy, but a lot of fun.  We took Kaden and Asa Jack  to Boo at the Zoo and trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.  First though we had gone shopping.  While at Target I picked up a little pair of mittens and a hat for Kaden, he has had so much fun playing with them.  He pulled the ski cap type hat down over his face and told me he was either bat man or a bad man, I'm not sure which.  We had to convince him to take the hat off so he could dress up as a pirate!  I also had told Kaden we were going to get a plastic pumpkin for his treats, but of course we had waited until the last minute and the ones that were left were broken.  He kept talking about the broken pumpkins, he really is starting to understand everything and can repeat what he did that day when daddy comes home.  So I let him choose a bag for his treats, he picked the one with a spider, but at least it was a smiling spider!

We  got to the zoo and both kids were asleep in the car, so we spent a little while in the car, letting them get some rest then put Kaden's pirate hat and eye patch on and headed into our little zoo.  After waiting in line for a long time, we made it in, Kaden had a good time collecting treats, and was very cute saying thank you to the zookeepers.  The costume though was off within a few minutes of being in the zoo!  Asa Jack on the other hand, did not seem to enjoy the visit and was ready to leave but we couldn't get out of the crowd.  Eventually we made it back to the car and after a nice meal, the baby was content!

I'm a pirate...arrgh!

Next we headed home, again convinced Kaden to wear his pirate hat (which he had been sooo excited about only the day before!) and went down the street.  It was fun to watch Kaden going up to the houses and saying "Trick or Treat!"  Then we visited some friends of ours and sat on their front porch and Kaden handed out the candy.  He would get so excited when kids would come..."I think somebody's coming" and run to meet them in the driveway.   There was one kid with a pretty scary mask who walked up, Kaden started to go to him, then his eyes got big and he started walking backwards, we were glad to see his does have some fear in him!

Pumpkin hatAsa Jack slept most of the time, but he wore his cute little pumpkin hat and Halloween onesie.   It was hard to get good pictures tonight, but here's some of them...



Haircut10.30 Haircut and Happy Birthday Nate!

HaircutAll of Kaden's haircuts so far have been courtesy of daddy on the back porch or in the bathtub.  But today, he went and got a real haircut.  At first he was scared of the clippers but Chelle did a great job of calming him down and showing him how they wouldn't hurt.  He was so good, it helped that she was quick and kept him entertained.  Now he looks like a handsome little boy!

10.27 Today we...

IMG_4455So Kaden and Asa Jack have survived daddy going back to work, he's worked one night and one full day now.  On the other hand, Nate and I are exhausted!  We did make it to the playground this morning.  And we took a big box from the garage and Kaden and I colored it, and he made it his spaceship.  Maybe we'll decorate it more tomorrow.


And after a few weeks of watching the baby eat, Kaden tonight brought me his toy frog and asked me to feed it while I was nursing the baby.  I asked him what to do with the baby and he said take the baby off.  Apparently his toy moose also needed to eat because I looked over and Kaden was lifting up his shirt!!


A big yawn after a warm bath!





10.25 Sleeping Baby

I think we have almost caught up with updating the website, I'm sure I'll be behind again soon.  Here's some pictures of a favorite activity of these last two weeks...

sleeping baby



10.24 Trying to walk...

We made it down the street a little ways then the rain started and we had to head home.  I tried to get a picture, but there was some silliness..



10.23 "I Know"

We were riding in the car and the baby was hungry and crying very loudly, Kaden looked over to him and very expressively said "I know, I know."  I don't know what he knew but he sounded very empathetic with the baby's predicment of being hungry and stuck in the carseat!

10.22 To the pumpkin patch

visit to the pumpkin patchWe took the boys to the pumpkin patch today, Kaden had a great time playing, running and pretending there were pirates.  The baby, he just slept the whole time.  Here are some of the pictures, Kaden was too busy to look at the camera most of the time.  We brought home a few pumpkins and put them on our front porch.

visit to the pumpkin patchvisit to the pumpkin patch so many pumpkins!

visit to the pumpkin patchvisit to the pumpkin patch

10.20 Kaden sayings and more...

Today we had a follow-up doctor's appointment.  Asa Jack is almost back to birthweight and much less yellow.  After the appointment, we went out to cracker barrel for breakfast and made a short trip to Target, this was probably the longest we've been out at one time.  And here's what Kaden's been saying lately...

"Stop daddy, you gotta stop the baby's crying! You gotta stop Asa Jack"

Kaden what's the baby's name? "It's Asa Jack!"

A frequent Kaden saying "Daddy (or Mommy), did you know that I love you?"

Kaden has been playing with our neighbor's 3 year old little boy and little girl.  Apparently the little boy was playing with his pirate sword near Kaden and Kaden said "don't hit me, I'll break!"

We told Kaden that if he stopped using diapers he could have spiderman underwear, this morning he looked at me and told me that the spiderman underwear were at the store and that he missed them!

10.18-19 Fun weekend

No football game this weekend so all sorts of stuff was going on.  Kaden and daddy went to the butterfly festival and other exhibits at the museum.  Then the next day they went to the Seafood Festival with some of our friends, Kaden has been talking about it for a week (he keeps talking about scary crabs for some reason).

at the butterfly festival

Back of our 2year old lady bug (the funny thing is the other day, Kaden was breaking up his animal cracker and putting on the floor supposedly to feed the ladybug!)


seafood festival 3

 Looks like Kaden was having fun on the swings!

seafood festival 5


10.17 Brothers



10.15 A little bath


Not so happy at first, but much calmer once wrapped up in the towel! 





10.14 Legs and feet!

Hmm...is this how his legs were positioned in utero?



Kaden and Asa Jack

Kaden 4-20-06So we think they look a lot alike...see what you think...



10.12 Getting out

Out for a ride

Too long in the house (between the cold that we keep sharing and now the new baby) meant that we needed to get out even if it was just a drive to the Ben & Jerry's drive thru.  We promised Kaden ice cream, but both he and Asa Jack were asleep before we got there and slept the whole time!


10.11 First Full Day at Home

Out for a walkWell sort of, first we had to take Asa Jack for another bilirubin check since he was becoming more and more yellow!  Thankfully it was still under light level & we could spend the rest of the day resting.  Nate, Kaden and the baby did go for a short walk once the sun came out...

Out for a walk


And then of course, there was even more sleeping!





IMG_430110.10 Heading home

Today we headed home, a little jaundiced, a little smaller than birthweight  (baby) and very exhausted (us) but glad to be headed back to our own bed and especially back to Kaden!  Last pictures before leaving the hospital...

Coming Home


Happy we're all home

Kaden was happy we were home with his little brother!

But when the baby cried , Kaden said "put him back in the crib!"



Asa Jack slept and slept!  You can't tell it from the picture, but his pants (from his Aunt Becky) were big enough to fit like a dress.


















10.9 Big brother comes to visit

IMG_4283We've been telling Kaden about his new little brother for a long time, and he finally got to meet him.  He and grandmommy came to the hospital to visit.  We had gotten him a present to give the baby and one for him from the baby.  He was mostly excited about his new toys but did want to see the baby and tried to give him hugs and kisses and he wanted to sit on the bed with mommy.  Here are some of the pictures from the day....




10.8  Look who's here

Before we left the house...one last kiss from Kaden...



10-8-08 at 23:43

Asa Jack Knutson made his appearance tonight (October 8th) at 23:24.  We showed up at the hospital around 2PM, got admitted and started to wait.  After a few hours of pitocin and less than 15 minutes of pushing, he came without any trouble!  He weighed 7lbs 7.6 oz (a little smaller than his big brother) and was pink and cried right away.  With lots of help from the nurses we all survived the rest of the night!





10.7 Snazzy New Pajamas

Kaden really likes his new pajamas with dogs and frogs!!





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