May 2009 Knutson Chronicles

May 2009

5.31 Splashing

IMG_6485We spent a little time at the pool today, always nice in the hot weather.

5.30 party


Kaden got to go to a birthday party today, it was fun to watch him interact with all the other kids.  He didn't really understand all the games, but he sure liked running around.
In the first picture, he was running around the circle of kids, in the next one he's playing on the obstacle course.


Afterwards we had a nice dinner with some friends to say goodbye before they moved.

5.22 Big Brother/Little Brother

I found these cute shirts for the boys and they looked so cute outside of daycare this morning!

5/21 Kaden Says 

There was some frog poop on a chair on our porch, Kaden asked what it was and I told him, his response "Is that the frog's potty?"

When he wants help buttoning or snapping his shorts, Kaden says "Can you unsnap/unbutton me?" (ie the opposite of what he wants!)

IMG_64355.21 Love those smiles!

IMG_6437So much fun to watch the two of you together!


5.17 Playing in the car

IMG_6428Asa Jack and I were waiting in the car today for Nate and Kaden, he looked cute so naturally I took his picture!

5.8-5.10 Trip to Disney and Mother's Day


BeforeIMG_6375Today after work, we headed to Disney where we stayed for the weekend, how nice to get a way for just a little while!  We stayed at  Coronado Springs and had a nice time relaxing.  We got in pretty late after stopping for dinner on the way.  On Saturday Nate and Kaden headed to the Animal Kingdom and Asa jack and I met up with them later.  I'm sure we were quite a sight, I was trying to carry the baby and the double stroller to get on the bus, thankfully there were some nice people to help out.  We saw lots of animals, Kaden really liked the tiger!   (The feed me pictures to the left are the before and after!)



IMG_6412IMG_6392After that we headed back to the hotel to go for a swim in the pool  Both boys really like the water.  Kaden and Asa Jack spent the evening with grandmommy and granddaddy and  Nate and I went to dinner at the new restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The food was so good, that we took the boys back there for lunch on Mother's Day.  I guess Asa Jack was exhausted from all the fun, because he fell asleep sitting up!  And the bonus was that after lunch we got to go outside to see the animals.  

Before heading home, we went to the Magic Kingdom and went on a few rides, including the Jungle Cruise!

5/10,11 Kaden Says:

At the Animal Kingdom Lodge Kaden was excited to see the giraffes, he informed the lady that worked there that he was going to ride the giraffe.  She tried to explain how tall the giraffe was and how he'd just slide off.  I don't think he got it!

On the way to Disney we were trying to stop and have a late dinner.  I told Kaden the options...BBQ, Pizza, Steak..."I like steak"  Then we saw a hamburger place and I said let's go there.  Kaden said "Why did you change my mind for me?"  And of course he didn't want a hamburger so we got him a hotdog which he took some bites of in exchange for some sweet tea!

5.8 SEVEN months!

Look who's 7 months old now!  He likes sitting up all by himself, and swiping his brother's toys!!  He's still not too big into food but he's tried a bunch of different things.  And he gets very excited when I walk into daycare to feed him.  Plus he's got two bottom teeth!
7 months old

5/4 Kaden Says:

I had to take the boys to daycare today.  We came outside and it was really foggy, Kaden looked at me and exclaimed "Mommy it's Froggy outside!"

The night before we saw a man walking down our street and like he always does Kaden asked me who it was.  Sometimes I make a name, this time I just said that it was a man.  Kaden then told me that he didn't want to be a man when he grew up, he wants to be Mario!





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