March 2009 Knutson Chronicles

March 2009

IMG_60263.30-3.31 Just taking pictures...



IMG_59133.29 Birthday Party Day!





Today we had Kaden's 3rd birthday party, a little early since I'll be back at work for his birthday.  We had some of his friends over and they had a great time playing.  The weather was beautiful so we spent the time outside and blew bubbles, at cake, and opened presents.   After everyone left Kaden and Daddy built a big airplane with his new Tinkertoys.  And we had fun playing with his playdough toys and tools!


3.26 Tasting new things

We tried feeding Asa Jack some rice cereal today.  He did pretty good, opening his mouth and wanting more.  And he successfully made a pretty good mess!


3.25 Silly Face!

Asa Jack has been having a great time sticking his tongue out at his brother!


3.24 Back to Pensacola


IMG_5852This time we all headed to Pensacola to look for a place to live.  We thought if we left late at night the boys would sleep, well Kaden did great but Asa Jack wanted nothing to do with it.  He seemed to really get upset when the car lights shined in through the back window.  But we finally made it and spent the days looking at houses and the late afternoon trying to walk on the beach.  Personally, I thought it was a little too cold to spend much time on the beach, but a whole lot of people walking around in bathing suits seemed to think otherwise!  So one night, we put daddy's shirt on Kaden, it looked like a dress!  



We went to lunch at Peg-leg Pete's and Kaden liked the pirate theme, he especially liked putting his "pirate eye" on!  Asa Jack was happy (as long as we weren't in the car) and spent lots of time practicing sticking out his tongue.  We also visited the Perdido Key Kids Park where Kaden and daddy played and Asa Jack and I watched.  Our drive home went much better than the way up, Asa Jack slept and slept!

IMG_58733.17 A day in the life of Asa Jack...


Waking up from a nap with the elephant, playing in the exersaucer, taking a bath, and falling asleep in the car!

3.16 Visiting Polk City...

After leaving Orlando, we headed to Polk City to visit Kaden and Asa Jack's Granny.  We ate lunch and played and a had a good time.  I think my favorite part was watching Kaden eat his ice cream cone, I guess we usually give him ice cream in a bowl because he wasn't too sure what to do with the cone.  But he figured it out!


3.15 Kaden says...

IMG_5768So this weekend we went to Orlando for a visit.  Kaden's grandmommy had picked up some toy animals.  And I guess since Kaden had been to visit the Devil's Millhopper sink hole, he called the toy warthog "Millhopper" all weekend.

IMG_5773He also tried to nurse the koala bear, he picked up the koala held him to his chest and covered himself with a blanket.  The only problem (besides the obvious problems!) was that he had the koala backwards!

And a few days ago, I was planning his birthday party, I asked him who should come and he told me "the girls from Publix!"  I guess that's because they always ask him how old he is and if they can come to his party!

Then a few days before that (yes, we are very behind on adding these!), we were driving past the playground where there's been a Veteran's Day celebration the last few years with airplanes and everything.  Kaden informed me that "airplanes live at the park" and so do 'birthday parties, Elizabeth and Colton."  I guess all of those things have occurred there!

IMG_57473.14 Disney World!!

IMG_5741IMG_5755Today we took the boys to the Animal Kingdom where we had so much fun!  We rode on the dinosaur ride that's similar to Magic Kingdom's Dumbo ride.  Kaden was scared at first but he did great.  

We got stuck when the parade started but ended up having a great view.  Before we left we made it to see the Nemo musical which was really neat and Kaden talked about the jellyfish and Dori and the sharks for days after.

watching the parade

3.13 Dudley Farm


We went to the Dudley Farm Paint Out today.  It was pretty neat, scattered throughout the farm were artists painting the landscape, the buildings, and the animals.  It was neat to see how they each had a different take on the same subject.  Kaden asked each of them what they were doing (multiple times!)  He also got to help pump water and had fun making another visit to see the tom turkey.

IMG_5726Check out our flickr site for lots more fun pictures of the day.


3.10 Hat wearing and 5 months old!


3.7-3.9 Visit to Pensacola

IMG_5628We flew to Pensacola today for some more interviewing and since I figured I better see the place we might move to.  Kaden stayed with his grandparents, we were headed out the door to the airport when I took this picture of him riding on the back of his grandfather with his feet in the "stirrups."  While we were gone they had all sorts of fun, visiting Dudley farm and the Millhopper sink hole.


And here we start pictures from our trip...we hiked around the airport with Asa Jack in the sling, feet up.  It was pretty cute, lots of people seemed to enjoy it, and he didn't seem bothered by it either! We stayed right on the beach, the water was too cold, but we took Asa Jack out for a little bit.



So we had fun playing on the beach for a while, the pictures on the left are from the morning.  The one on the right is from a short walk we took that evening.  We had a nice time, the area was very pretty and we ate some really good food (which is always important to us!  And Asa Jack just soaked up all the attention, it was the longest he'd had both mom and dad all to himself.  But here in this last picture before we headed home, Asa Jack looks so happy and I think it's because he knows we are headed home to see Kaden!


IMG_56273.6 Mirrors

Asa Jack's really likes talking to the baby in the mirror.  I seem to remember his brother being the same way!

3.5 Watching Peter Pan


They were sitting on the couch watching Peter Pan, the little boys were really captivated by it, I think the older ones were just being silly about it.

3.4 Just because...



3.2 A full day of playing


Asa Jack loves his big


brother, I always enjoy watching them together (unless Kaden is poking him, climbing on him, trying to scare him, etc!).  We had a full day of playing today.  We had some time on the floor, followed by sitting and playing with a toy, then Asa Jack decided to demonstrate his rolling skills (he learned to roll all the way over today!), and we ended up going for a walk and Asa Jack watched Kaden and I run like crazy people through the field and try to fly a kite!

3.1 Emailing and a cold day at Disney...


Here's Kaden "checking his email"

IMG_5581Later in the day we made the trip to Disney, first heading to MGM where we took the boys on the Great Movie Ride.  And then we watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.  After that we made our way over to Epcot for a little more fun, we rode the Epcot ball and walked around the countries.  The wind made it pretty cold, but inside the parks a lot of the wind was blocked by the buildings, so it wasn't so bad...

IMG_5583IMG_5579Here's Asa Jack all bundled up in the carrier (the man off to my left in the gray sweats is some athlete, it was ESPN weekend)




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