July 2008 Knutson Chronicles

July 2008

7.15 Fun with sunglasses


Kimberly came to visit, and Kaden had a great time playing with her.  Here we are at the mall and Kaden has on his monkey back-pack (or as he says "pack-pack)








7.8 Worms, yuck

WormiesAfter a good rainstorm, our porch ends up with lots of worms on it, unfortunately most of them don't make it back to the dirt because they dry out to fast.  But sometimes Kaden likes to help them out and throw them in the grass .(worms, not snakes, we don't touch snakes..)


7.5 Dancing

So we went to a wedding this evening.  After Kaden sat still pretty well through the ceremony and most of dinner, and after he went rock hunting with one of the girls at our table,  it was time for to dance.  He had a great time with some of the little girls from the wedding and it was funny watching him go back and forth between the girls.  Here are some of the pictures...






July 4th7.4 Happy Fourth of July

For the fourth of July we spent a long time out at the pool and swam and ate sandwiches and just had a good time.

July 4thThen later we grilled hamburgers and Kaden's grandparents came.  Nate did some fireworks in the backyard which Kaden wasn't too sure of.  He held onto grandmommy and then they both watched through the windows.  Nate would light a firework and Kaden would say "I be right back," take his grandma's hand, and head inside to watch through the window.  About the time the sparks and noise were done, he'd come back outside and laugh and clap.  But as soon as the next one was lit, it was "I be right back."

July 4thJuly 4thThen we took a little walk to watch the neighbors who were a little more adventurous with their fireworks.July 4th




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