January 2009 Knutson Chronicles

January 2009 

IMG_53221.26-1.28 Augusta trip


IMG_5296We packed up the boys and went to Augusta, it was a long drive but it went pretty well.  Asa Jack has a little cold so he slept most of the time in the car and was pretty hoarse when he cried.  Kaden was so excited to go on the trip and stayed wide awake watching out the window.  Daddy told him that he was born in Augusta, somehow Kaden decided that the hotel itself was Augusta, hence Daddy must have been born in the hotel (and when we drove through atlanta on the way home and saw another marriott, Kaden said, "look there's Augusta!").  By the time we arrived at the hotel, Kaden was sooo tired, he was snacking on some grapes in his bed and when we were ready to turn out the lights we told him he had to move the grapes...he burst into tears and said "but I want to sleep with my grapes!"  He calmed down quickly though and fell right to sleep, and thank goodness for black-out curtains because Kaden, Asa Jack and I were able to sleep in!  The next night, Daddy and Kaden had picked up an apple in the lobby, and again it was bedtime and Kaden said he was hungry.   So I turned out the lights, but I could here Kaden munching on his apple so when he stopped I told him he couldn't sleep with the apple core!


IMG_5306While Daddy was off at his interview, I took the boys to a science museum.  We walked there, it was super cold, but no one seemed to mind.  We had fun playing in the museum and then we had to go hunt down some shoes for Kaden since we had somehow only managed to pack his flip-flops!

Before we left Augusta, we went for a walk along the river.  It was a lot warmer this morning...




IMG_5338After we left the river, we stopped for a late lunch at a place called Takosushi and then headed home by way of Marrietta to visit family and introduce Asa Jack to Oma.  It was nice to stop for a little bit on our drive and Kaden really had a lot of fun.  And then it rained and rained and rained, but we finally made it home!

1.24 Asa Jack and Mommy


 Just a fun picture of my growing baby and me!

1.23 Today's Smiles


IMG_52861.22 Toys?

Here we see the top of Asa Jack's head, and his thinning hair.  It looks like he's playing with his toys, but he's not...he just can't look up on his own quite yet!

1.20 Inauguration Day

I thought this would be fun for Kaden and Asa Jack to look back at, it will be even more fun if we think to take pictures of them on future inauguration days too.  And the pictures were even easier since I could pause the TV...


1.18 Take my picture...


"Mommy, "am I beautiful??"

1.17 Kaden says and more...

Kaden must have noticed when the news/talkshows showed the picture of the airplane in the Hudson because he found me today and said "the water is not the airport, it is the water."  He then went on to say something about airplanes and helicopters and boats but at that point I got confused!

Asa Jack has been smiling and laughing more and more, until tonight when Daddy sneezed and it scared him so much he started to cry and when he calmed down, there was another sneeze and even more crying.  (It's even worse if he's nursing and I sneeze!)

1.16 Brrr...

IMG_5249It's a good thing we don't live up North, I don't know how we'd ever make it out of the house.  Kaden wanted to wear his mittens, but they are way too big (a target $1 find for him to play with!), he was holding a bag with marshmellows and kept dropping them but wouldn't take off the mittens.  But at least he enjoyed it, I don't think Asa Jack looks too happy about the hat, jacket, mittens, etc.

1.14 Kaden says...

It's gotten cold here, and yesterday Kaden went with Daddy to check the mail.  He wore his jacket and when he came back he told me all about the walk and the cold. . . "I said, 'Daddy, I have to put my coat on'!"  He was referring to his hat, it was really cute.  Today, he did the same thing in the car, told me how he had to put is coat (hat) on.

IMG_5238 (The expression on Kaden's face as he comes down the slide makes me smile too!)

Kaden also likes to sing the Jason Mraz song "I'm Yours."  We have to tape him sometime, it's funny.

1.13 Different

Can't smile, hands in my mouth! 2

Can you tell who's who??


Ways I've noticed Kaden and Asa Jack to be different at 3 months of age...

Kaden was a smiler all the time, Asa Jack smiles too, but we have to work a little harder.  But then he's been giving us these cute little giggles!  Click HERE for some smiles!

Asa spits up  in tremendous amounts, much more than Kaden ever did, for instance, today he soaked my clothes and the cloth I was trying to clean him up with...  How he gains weight, we'll never know!

Kaden used to always fall asleep in his car seat and still does really well in the car.  Asa Jack, only likes the car if he is sleeping or working on filling his diaper, otherwise all we here is some very loud crying (which Kaden can sleep through!).  Yesterday, though, Asa was "talking" to his little toy friends I hung off the headrest so he could see.

Kaden loved for us to spin him around and lift him up in the air, and again still does.  Asa Jack absolutely does not, his eyes grow wide and his little lower lip trembles, Nate thinks this reaction is genetic and that he gets it from me and his grandmother (who can think of better things to do than ride on roller coasters!)

And last for now, I think Asa may be a little bigger than Kaden was, at least he has chubbier cheeks =) 

1.11 Kaden says...

Something we had ordered was delivered to our front door, we found the box today and Kaden was helping me bring it in.  He said "What is it?  Pizza?"  (Now this was a small box, shaped nothing like a pizza box!)  Then daddy just got silly and asked if there were brownies in it.

Asa says..."a-goo" (or however you'd spell that)

3 months old1.8 Three Months

Asa Jack's three months old today.  He can roll (or more like push himself over!) from his belly to his back.  He also started making giggling and laughing sounds when we play patty cake and he's full of smiles for his big brother!3 months old

1.6 Kaden says...

We were walking through the grocery store and passed some lollipops, Kaden said "I want a lollipop" and I said "Not today" to which he replied "Oh, those are for when you pee in the potty."  The we saw the containers of jelly beans and he saw them and said "thos are jelly beans for peeing in the potty."  I guess it's pretty obvious we've been trying the treat route as a reward for potty training (although we haven't been successful yet!)

Kaden also comes and finds me and asks for things and when I say, "well what did your daddy say?" He replies, "my daddy said 'no', eat your lunch!"  It doesn't matter what meal it is, it's always lunch time to Kaden!

And, FYI, today is National Smith Day, who knew!

1.5 Swimming pool


Today we went for a long walk, and it was hot!  So I let Kaden play in the kiddie pool thinking it would be warmer than the big pool, but it was freezing!  We only put our feet in and not for long at that!


1.3 On the road again

We headed off again for the day and had a nice time visiting grandparents, eating dim sum, shopping, and walking...

IMG_5187 IMG_5188


1.2 Cutest smile


and a walk in the woods

IMG_5178we walked a long way on one of the nearby trails....  Kaden ran a lot of the way, but he started to slow down towards the end of the walk and of course by then Asa Jack started to get heavy but we made it!