February 2009 Knutson Chronicles

Valentines day 2009February 2009

2.27 Talking to the monkey

Asa Jack's got a pretty good grip on his monkey, and to here him talking to the monkey, click here...


2.24 Walking

IMG_5550We take lots of walks, especially when the weather is nice.  And it's always nice to have friends to walk with.  Here is Asa Jack and his buddy who were born only weeks apart, and Kaden who is showing how he "helps" the strollers cross the street.  He keeps us entertained although I think sometimes it's us thinking of ways to entertain him!  But it's so nice to get outside and have some company!

And here's a picture of my boys, just because...


2.23 Having fun at home!

IMG_5546This is one of my current favorite pictures of Kaden, he's eating a carrot and just plain happy.  


And here is Asa Jack in his bouncer and playing in the playpen.  We have tried out the jumper on all the doors in our house, there are spit-up/drool spots at each door that I keep having to clean up!


2.18, 2.20 Out and about

Here are some pictures, one from the other day when we were taking a walk in the stroller and another from the playground on a different day.


2.18 Little Jumper

Here are some shots of Asa Jack playing in his new doorway jumper.  It was such a nice day out that we put it in the door to the porch, although it was a little more challenging for him since there is a  little step, but as you can see by the smiles, he didn't mind! (See if you can find Kaden in the second picture!)



2.15-2.16 A little trip

IMG_5520Today we drove to Orlando and took the boys to the Magic Kingdom for a little while.  It was a nice day, not too hot but the park was still pretty crowded.  A really nice family handed us some fast passes on our way in, so we rode on Peter Pan and then shared the extra passes with another family.  We also went for a ride on the carousel.  Daddy and Kaden went up the treehouse and mommy and Asa Jack met Rafiki.  Afterwards we headed over to visit the boy's grandparents, where we stayed the night and Daddy headed home since he had to work.  We had a nice visit at their new house, Kaden always has a great time!



Asa Jack looks like he's riding a roller coaster, it's just his stroller!  And here we are meeting Rafiki.  Kaden rode on the carousel, he didn't look to sure of things!  And lastly, a big yawn with Granddaddy.


2.14 Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines day 2009

Valentines day 2009Today we had a nice relaxing day, involving no cooking on my part!  We had a late brunch, Kaden really liked his waffle, I thought I'd get to eat the last few bites, but it was gone!  Then he wanted some of Daddy's food.  After that we took a short walk and Kaden had some fun on the playground.  We made an exciting trip to Target and then came home and rested.  We gave the boys some Valentine treats, Asa Jack - a little teddy bear, and for Kaden a new plate/bowl/ silverware (with a little knife that he was so excited about), a bubble blower, and a sticker book.  Late in the evening we decided we were hungry again and went out for Mexican food, by that time there was no wait and both kids did really well.  After dinner, Nate and I shared a chocolate souffle I had made after watching Mark Bittman make it on the Today Show, it was good and so easy to make!

Valentines day 2009

Valentines day 2009


2.13 Starting to figure out the toy

...or at least thinking hard about how to eat it!

2.10 At the park...

IMG_5431Today it was beautiful outside, and we enjoyed meeting some friends at the park.  Kaden had a great time playing, and Lily's mom had brought cupcakes which were really fun!


2.8 4 months old

4 months oldAmazing, it's already been 4 months since Asa Jack joined our family.  He's growing well, 15 pounds now, 50th percentile for weight and height (90th for head circumference!!)  Poor little guy got his four month shots and his legs must have been sore because that night they were shaking when he tried to put weight on them.  I put him down to go to sleep, and he "talked" for a long time that night, he didn't sound too happy so he must have been telling us about his shots!

2.7 Two Cuties


IMG_5396Just having fun taking pictures...Asa Jack's wearing his new Valentine's outfit, and Kaden was having fun making him smile.


2.6 Sticker Crazy

sticker crazyKaden went with Daddy to Asa Jack's 4 month doctor appt today, then visited me at work...in the process he accumulated quite a sticker collection!

2.4 There's that camera again!


2.3 Where's Kaden??

...in his brother's car seat of course!

silly kaden! 




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