December 2008 Knutson Chronicles

December 2008

12.31 Off to the gym

IMG_5151Kaden put on my socks and shoes today (notice how they're on the wrong feet!), and I think he forgot that he needed shorts!


Also, I added our Christmas pictures.  I'll start on January soon.

12.29 December in Florida

We went out back and fingerpainted today.  Afterwards, I turned the hose on, it's the funnest way to get the paint off!  And I thought, we live in one of the few areas of the country where your two year old can run around without his shirt and play in the water during the last few days of December!



12.28 Christmas in Polk City

Polk City Christmas

Today the whole family gathered in Polk City to celebrate Christmas.  Granny had Kaden play Santa and hand out her presents.  Kili had a great time playing with her new drum.  And Asa Jack, well he slept, ate, smiled...all the things he's good at!  (but it won't be long and he'll be playing with toys too!)  Becky and Dave gave Kaden a geotrax remote control airplane, he really had fun playing with it, as did all the other boys I think.  Every time the plane would start to come down, Kaden would start laughing. 


12.27 He keeps growing!


We had quite the conversation tonight, don't know quite what he says but there were lots of coos and smiles!

12.26 Visiting the hospital

IMG_5078Nate was on call tonight and since parking was free due to the holidays, I thought we'd go visit.  Kaden had fun talking to everyone and Asa Jack had his first visit to the NICU to visit Daddy.


12.25 Merry Christmas

IMG_5011Christmas 2008Christmas 2008 Christmas morning was a lot of fun at our house!  On Christmas Eve we set up all the toys under the tree, and Kaden slept in our room to keep him from discovering all the fun new toys.  Both he and Asa Jack slept really well that night and we even had to wait for them to wake up to open presents.  Actually, we only waited for Kaden, we let Asa Jack keep sleeping.  Kaden's eyes grew big when he walked out and saw all the presents.  He was excited over every present...toy cars and airplanes, a "animal hospital" (or "house" as he called it),  a dinosaur, the cariboo game, toy food, tools, books and on and on.


Christmas 2008

 Asa jack finally woke up, he didn't know what was going on, but we had fun showing him his presents.  He kept falling back asleep, so it was midafternoon before his stocking was empty.

Christmas 2008


Christmas 2008

    Here he is in his new seat, looking like he's enjoying himself, but he started crying right after the pictures were done!



And so that is the story of our Christmas.  One last picture from the day of Kaden being silly, he was playing with his new bath crayons in purple water!

Christmas 2008 

IMG_499012.24 Christmas cookies

Christmas Eve







Christmas Eve

Kaden is still learning all about Christmas, tonight after his grandparents came and we had a nice dinner, I tried to show him how to decorate cookies.  He had fun playing with the icing and adding lots of sprinkles!


12.23 what we did today...

IMG_4985Asa Jack doesn't too much like the swing, he prefers the bouncy seat or being held.  But occasionally for short periods of time he seems to like it...


And today while baking Christmas cookies, I decided to make some play-dough for Kaden, it didn't come out right at all!  It was very strange stuff, and seemed solid/hard when first picked up, and then it would start to turn into liquid and slip right through your hand.  So I called it Goofy Play-dough and let Kaden play with it with Daddy!

Goofy Playdoh


12.22 Kaden Says

Our neighbors have a nativity in front of their housed, Kaden said, there's "baby Jesus and Mary and Jophes"

We asked Kaden whose birthday was on Christmas, he kept saying "mommy's" (mine was last week), but I think he will remember it's baby Jesus birthday soon.

By the way, Kaden's response to "How old am I?" is still "TWO" for everyone, I guess sometime we will all have to turn three!

12.21 CarWash

in the carwashWe went through the carwash today since I kept forgetting to have Kaden help me wash it.  He wasn't too sure what to think, I don't think he really wants to take the car through it again!


1st airplane trip12.15-12.18 Trip to Charleston

IMG_4923This week we took a trip to Charleston.  Both Kaden and Asa Jack went on their first plane ride!  Kaden even got to sit in the pilot's seat and wear his hat!  Flying with kids is a challenge, but more because the airline didn't make it easy (whoever decided to give a two year old a seat on row by himself is crazy, but we solved that problem more than once!)  Both boys did great on the planes (there were four in all due to a layover in Atlanta).  Kaden sat with Daddy, and when the first plane took off, he said "okay, we're done" and shut the window shade.  Once he figured out the plane could come back to the ground, he was excited and talked to everyone about the "hairplane" (although by the end of the trip, I asked if he flew on a "hairplane" and he said "no, an Airplane").

Look who's flying!

1st airplane tripHere's Kaden in the pilot's seat, and a picture of him with the closed window!  Asa Jack slept almost the entire time in the sling which was great! 

In Charleston, we stayed a bed and breakfast and had a great dinner at a restaurant named Relish.  And believe it or not, we were in a small 3.6magnitude earthquake.  There was a loud noise and I said it must have been someone upstairs (no one else was staying that night, so maybe the house was haunted?).  But Nate said it was an earthquake, and he was right!

We had a great time at the children's museum with Kimberly while Nate was on his interview.  Kaden played with toy boats and water and rolled golf balls down all sorts of raceways.  We at at California Dreaming and also went and walked along the water and saw the Pineapple Fountain.  That night, Kimberly watched Kaden (which was wonderful) and we went to dinner.


IMG_4957 IMG_4958

This is a great picture of Asa's smile!

IMG_4966IMG_4971 The next day we went and looked at the houses in downtown Charleston, walked in the market, and had lunch at Fleet's landing.  Then we went to dinner at SNOB (slightly north of broad) to celebrate my birthday, and it was very yummy! 

Finally we packed everyone up and headed back to Florida!  Kaden again did great.  We had to hurry from one flight to the next in Atlanta and I didn't have a chance to feed Asa and get him situated back in the sling until we got on the plane which of course woke him up.  He cried but as soon as the plane took off (after waiting on the runway in the line of planes!) he calmed down and was sound asleep! 

12.12, 12.13 Visit to the grandparents

IMG_4894Nate was on call a few times this week, so Kaden, Asa jack and I headed out for a few days and had a nice visit.  Here are some pictures...

starting with Kaden and Kili --> IMG_4901




 We also stopped by downtown Disney and had a nice walk with Naomi.  That's a big lego shark behind Kaden!IMG_4921


12.8 Two months old!

IMG_4884IMG_4873 Kaden wanted his picture taken too!


12.7 Christmas Pictures

IMG_4852Today we tried to take pictures of Kaden and Asa Jack under the tree for our Christmas cards, we couldn't get them both looking in the same direction, but we had fun trying...



12.6 Long legs

IMG_4816No, his legs aren't really that long, but he had his 2 month check-up today, and he's up to 22" long and weighs 12 pounds, 2 ounces!  He was so happy at the doctor's office, laying on my lap and even giving me some smiles.  Then he smiled at the nurse right before she gave him his shots...there were no more smiles after that =(  He cried so hard his little face turned all red, but he calmed down quickly and fell asleep.

12.2 Decking the halls...

Kaden helped me decorate the tree today, he was more interested in playing with the ornaments, in fact the ones he put on the tree he wanted to pull off.



12.1 Looking for a Christmas tree


We picked out our tree today.  Kaden looked on with wide eyes and an open mouth (covered with his hand) while the guy sawed off the end of the tree and some branches...

Asa Jack, didn't know why we were looking at trees, so he fell asleep!



12.1 Kaden says...

Today I said something along the lines of this to Kaden as he was trailing behind me...
"Do you like following me around?"  His response, "Um, yeah I do"

Then he looked at me and said "Did you take a shower today?"

"Yes, I took a shower" (he always asks this, most of the time when my hair is still wet, maybe he thinks I just pour water on it?)  Then he looked at me and said "Thank you for taking a shower today" !!