August 2008 Knutson Chronicles

August 2008

8.31 At 31 weeks...

31 weeks


8.24 At Disney

On one really, really hot and humid night...



8.23 What pregnant bellies are good for...





Racing Cars!!!!!!  Perfect for when I want to rest and Kaden wants to play! 


8.16 Wearing Daddy's shirt


One day Nate put his shirt on Kaden...ha ha so funny, it looked like a dress.  Kaden thought it was hilarious.




8.9 Kaden and Daddy

Kaden likes to ride on Daddy's back to mow the lawn...this is a before shot, ie, before they are soaked in sweat...




We ordered a baby swing and today it came, so Nate put it together.  Kaden has been very adamant that he is not a baby.  But when we told him he couldn't play with the swing because it is for the baby, Kaden was of course very upset and decided he was a baby.  He calmed down though and was happy to have a treat!

After checking out the swing, we put it up in the guest room and told Kaden it had to stay there until the baby came.  He's never really shown much interest in my growing belly, but when he heard that we had to put up the swing, he came and lifted up my shirt.  He started poking my somewhat protruding belly button and said "The baby's coming."  But then nothing happened so "The baby's stuck!"

On another topic...Kaden likes it when Nate plays X-box and the other day Nate pulled out his old Nintendo so Kaden's been trying to play that too.  Today, Nate was busy on the computer and Kaden really wanted to play so Nate told him to put the game in.  Kaden tried and couldn't get it, so he brought the game over to Nate for help and said "I'm too little and you're too big"

8.17 More Kaden Sayings...

I have pictures to add, but the camera is in the other room and I'm finding it harder to get up from the couch lately, so instead here are some funny things Kaden has been saying...

This morning, he woke up and came to find me saying "It's not dark anymore. Let's play with my toys."

When he wants us to play with him, he says "Let's play with me."

After laying his hand on my stomach to feel the baby move, he said, "Now feel my baby" and put my hand on his stomach.

The other day Kaden was sitting in my bed talking about a picture on the wall from our beach vacation last year.  He saw the picture of himself playing in the sand and said "Kaden make a mess at the beach, that's okay."

Kaden's had a few bug bites lately, he calls them an "itch."

And my current favorite from this week, while dozing in the recliner, I woke to hear him singing "This is the day...In the Lord's army.""  I guess those are the two songs we've been singing lately, it's funny to hear them at the same time though!


7.28--8.2 Hilton Head Trip...

Hilton Head

Hilton HeadHilton Head For one last vacation before the new baby comes, we headed to the beach at Hilton Head.  Joel, Katie, Eden and Josiah were also there.  We had a nice time relaxing except that all three of us got sick so we didn't get out as much as we wanted.  But we did get to do some fun things and spent a lot of time in the pool.

Hilton Head


Hilton HeadWe stayed at a few different places and had a great time checking out the pools and the beach, and Kaden was brave enough to go out a little into the water (probably good he didn't go out to far, because we heard there were lots of jellyfish!)


Hilton Head

Hilton HeadHilton HeadOne day we took Kaden to play miniature golf.  Thankfully most of the time we were in the shade, it was soo hot.  Kaden wanted to do it himself, and decided on every hole to pick up the golf ball and put it right next to the hole, then he would hit it in.  Sometimes he moved Nate's ball closer to the hall to,  it was quite funny to watch.

Hilton HeadAnother day, Nate, Kaden, Joel and Josiah went out on the crabbing boat.  And Nate caught a crab which apparently Kaden wanted nothing to do with.

Hilton HeadAnd here's some pictures of Kaden having fun playing on the beach with his cousins.


Hilton Head




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