April 2009 Knutson Chronicles

April 2009

4.30 Trying to crawl!

Here's a links to some video of Asa Jack trying to crawl, of course when I turned the camera on, he stopped, but it was so fun to watch him!


4.29 Look at me

IMG_6317Surrounded by toys!


4.26 Swimming

I think today was Asa Jack's first time in the pool.  There will be lots more swimming trips to come!  Enjoy these fun pictures!

4.21 Brothers and Close to Crawling

I think Kaden looks mischievous in the second picture, but Asa Jack seem oblivious.  He's up on all fours, not quite crawling, but rocks back and forth and then launches himself forward.  He can get anywhere he wants to go!

4.19 So Happy!


IMG_62084.17 Happy Birthday to Kaden!

IMG_6203Today is Kaden's 3rd Birthday, wow, time flies!  We went to breakfast, well lunch, at Cracker Barrel, why...because Kaden really likes Pancakes!  Then we headed out to do some last minute shopping and home to open presents.  Kaden was so excited with each thing he opened.  We got him a new toy car, a game, some books and a baseball toy!!  He had lots of fun playing and we ended the day with peanut butter chocolate cupcakes!


Opening presents, "look mommy it's kung fu panda!", playing baseball, and yummy cupcakes!


IMG_6132Easter collage4.11 Easter

We celebrated Easter on a Saturday since Mommy was working on Easter Sunday and wanted to be able to enjoy the day with both kids.  Around the middle of the afternoon, I hid, or more like tossed, Easter eggs all over the backyard.  Kaden ran around trying to find all of them.  Inside I put M&M's which of course started to melt.  We tried to convince Kaden that he didn't have to eat them all at once, but he just couldn't wait.  And when he didn't want to eat anymore, he wanted us to eat them.  Asa Jack watched Kaden play and tried to sit in the grass, and eat it if we weren't watching closely!


IMG_6154Afterwards, we came inside, since it was really hot, and opened Easter baskets.  We gave the boys matching outfits, except the 3T shorts I bought Kaden were way too big for him, they slid right off!  Inside Kaden's basket, he found lots of stickers and some bath toys.  We had also found some of the little capsules that you put into water and they grow into shapes.  They didn't grow very fast though, and he got bored with them  For Asa Jack's first Easter basket, we had found some toys that link together, some teething rings,  a rattle, and a little duck.  

4.8 Six Months Old!

IMG_6121Can you believe it's been half a year already!  And he's sitting up!


4.5 Visit

Today we had a visit from Lola, Grandpa Dale, and Oma.  We went to church and then we all went to lunch with some friends of ours.  It was a really nice day and Kaden had a lot of fun.  He always likes it when we have visitors!  Here's some pictures...


4.3 Kaden says

We were walking through the parking lot, Kaden saw a bird, he stopped waved hi to the bird and continued walking.  We saw a few more birds a second later and he did the same thing.

And yes, Nate got a real job so he bought a wii, which was worth it just to watch Kaden play, while boxing, he says..."stay down, stay down, stay down, yes knockout!"  And he counts.  I really need to tape him doing this!

IMG_60684.3 Disney again!

We are trying hard to make the most out of our last days before I go back to work and before we move.  So we headed back to Disney today.  This time we went to Epcot since it was the start of the flower festival.  The best part of the flower festival for Kaden is the extra playgrounds that they add.  He really had a great time!  After we played for a while, Kaden's grandmommy and granddaddy came with Kili to have dinner.  It was cute watching the baby's together! And Kaden danced with a little girl, so cute!


cousins4.1 April Fool's

April Fool'sApril Fool'sToday we had a fun being silly.  Since it was April Fool's Day and Daddy was coming home post call, I had the boys dress backwards.  Kaden got a kick out of wearing his clothes backwards, and Asa Jack had no idea but was happy just the same!

After Nate came home, we headed out to Disney, trying to make the most of the last few days before our schedules made it impossible to go!  Can you find Kaden and Daddy in the rollercoaster picture?


We went on several rides at the Magic Kingdom.  We took Kaden on the Barnstormer, the kid's roller-coaster in Toontown.  He loved it.  He went on with Daddy first then wanted to go with me.  He said, "Mommy, you have to scream!"  It was so funny, and the even funnier thing is that he just held on and didn't scream!





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