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June 2009

6.30 One more goodbye..

Tonight we went out to eat for another yummy dinner because tomorrow we finish getting ready for the movers!

6.24-6.28 More random pictures...and crawling!


I realized Kaden's not been in too many photos this month, I think it's because he's so busy and typically turns away from the camera right when I go to take his picture.  But he really likes me to take his picture and always wants to see it on the camera!  Plus he spent a fun week at his grandparents so we could get ready for the move!

And Asa Jack is off and crawling, he's been able to get any where for a while, but now that he's officially crawling, he's picking up speed and Kaden better watch out!
Here's a link to the video, and you can't tell with my shaky hand holding the camera, but he sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating really hard!


6.21 Polk City and a goodbye party

Today we went to visit everyone in Polk City, we had a nice lunch. Asa Jack looked suspended in his chair but really liked Granny's cooking!  Kaden had fun playing with Aunt Bev and his Great-Grandparents, he played the keyboard, he played with trucks, and he ran all around!  Here's some fun pictures...

Later we headed back home for a good-bye party with some of our friends, we will miss everyone when we move!

6.13-6.20 A few random pictures...

IMG_6551 (Could you fall asleep like this??)IMG_6554IMG_6564IMG_6577

6.11 Standing

He can pull himself up and anything is now within reach!



6.9 Eight months old!


Here we are playing in the laundry basket and our 8 month picture!


We sure are going to miss our friends when we move!  Watching these two together at lunch was so delightful!

6.6 St. Augustine...

Kaden says, "We're going to visit my Great-grandfather!"  We had a nice visit and stopped by Aunt Nancy's for a visit too.  Asa Jack had fun playing of course and so did Kaden!


6.5 Nate's Fellowship Graduation!

We went to the pediatric graduation dinner tonight and had a nice time.  Kaden and Asa Jack did okay for a while and then they went home with Grandmommy and Granddaddy. But before that the boys had their picture taken with Tebow (he was the speaker for the evening). 

6.4 Yummy

I think he looks like he is enjoying eating more than he really does!


6.2 Happy Asa!

I don't remember what we were doing on this day, but Asa Jack sure was having fun!





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