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September 2006

9/23 What I've been up to...

We went to Disney this month.  Look, Tigger followed me home!  I liked being outside,  and the ducks were kind of fun to watch but I hopefully I'll feel better next time we go.


Are you looking at me?






Today we went to feed the ducks, they were as big as me!  Pictures to come later.  For now, see more pictures at

9/20 Time to Eat

Here I am trying out rice cereal, more of it ended up on my bib and face then in my mouth!



9/18 I'm 5 months old



9/11 More Video! 

I was having so much fun I kept drooling, no wonder I can often be found just in my diaper!


9/8 Having Fun!

I always have fun with Daddy, sometimes he just looks at me and it makes me giggle!


Some days I help with the laundry!  Now I just need to learn to fold it!




9/5 Rolling and Laughing

 I'm  becoming very good at rolling over and rolling back.  Strangely enough, I usually roll to the right!  Sometimes I try to scoot around once I'm on my belly, if only I could crawl!  I am starting to get my first tooth though!

Here I am laughing at mommy...


9/1 Eating Green Beans

So I'm not allowed to eat yet, but I stuck a green bean in my mouth for a little while...yummm... All I know is that the stuff on the plate goes into everyone else's mouth, so it should go into mine too!  Maybe soon they'll let me eat!!