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October 2006

10/31 Happy Halloween!

Here we are on Halloween, we went to Boo at the Zoo, but there weren't any animals just Halloween decorations.  Since it's cooling off, we'll probably go see the animals soon!  If I take a long nap tomorrow, maybe mommy will update the website to November!


10/21 New Tricks

Here's a new video of me being silly.  I have been working on saying Da-da-da-da, sometimes it comes out ya-ya-ya-ya.  I like to talk a lot right before I fall asleep, especially when we're riding in the car.  I keep trying new foods, I like apples, pears, and bananas, but sweet potatoes took some getting used to!

 If the video doesn't work, trying clicking on this link...



10/18 6 MONTHS OLD!

Today I am six months old...



10/16 Fall Photo

We went to the pumpkin patch, the pumpkins were nice but I prefer the grass...


Also, there's a lot of birthdays in our family this month, so we want to say Happy Birthday to Katie Knutson, Granddad Russell, Aunt Nancy, Lola, and anyone we forgot!

Oh, and Happy birthday to Daddy in a few weeks!


10/12 I met Mickey

and Pluto, and Goofy, and Minnie Mouse!


10/6 Homecoming Weekend

We went running, boy do I love this stroller, it puts me right to sleep especially in the hot late sun!  Then I got to see the homecoming parade, and the best part... the gators won!



10/2 Starting to Sit

Here I am sitting up last week, I tipped over pretty quick, but I'm getting much better now.

And here I am visiting my grandparents and playing with my new toy birds

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