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November 2006

11/27 Crawling...

Here's a video of when I was first up and about, now I'm all over, there's no stopping me!


11/18 7 months and a trip to the Zoo

Kaden's first trip to the zoo!

Yesterday, mommy, daddy, grandma, and some of our friends went to the zoo and had so much fun.  I got to see elephants, giraffes, gorillas, (and yes, snakes) .  So I really didn't notice all the animals but the gorilla was so big that I watched him!  Mommy and Daddy hung on to me real tight, they didn't want me to be someone's lunch!  I can't wait until we go back!


11/16 Hello

Here I am in a new outfit from Aunt Becky, pooh bear is on the front =)  Stay tuned, a video of me trying to crawl is on the camera waiting to be put online!


11/13 Staying busy

So we'll have to add some new pictures.  We have been enjoying the nice weather, taking long walks outside, and sitting in the grass. 

I've gotten pretty good at saying dadadada over and over.  Mommy is trying to get me to say something else especially when it's just the two of us in the store and I keep saying dada. 

And I started waving the other day, to anyone and everything, of course I don't wave when daddy tries to get me to.

Today I tried some mashed up grapes, they were yummy, this food stuff is pretty exciting!


11/4 Fun Outside!

Hi There, Happy November!

We went to the art festival, I liked seeing all the people.  And I've been enjoying the cool weather since we get to go outside more!  Watch out, I'm sooo close to crawling, but right now scooting on my tummy is working out pretty good.

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