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JUNE 2006

6/29 Look at Me

I can push up, but I'm losing my hair!!

I wonder what color it will be when it grows back!



6/25 Sleeping


6/22 Cross-eyed


 Meet my new friends lion and elephant!





Whoa, check these things out!




Just wait till I figure out how my hands work!



6/18 Kaden Faces

I'm 2 Months Old Today!




Worn Out!

Not Very Happy!


6/6  Kaden's Bright New Crib Mobile

Kaden is fascinated by the bright colors and movement although the farm animals don't look like any ever seen before!



6/3 First Wedding Anniversary

June 2, 2006

At the Casa Monica in St Augustine

June 3, 2005 ~ Our Wedding Day



5/22-6/4 Vacation

On Sunday May 22nd, we drove to Atlanta, Kaden slept the whole way!  Our vacation started with Nate's cousin's wedding, here's a picture from the reception ~


We also took a trip up to Chattanooga where we stayed with Nate's friends and Kaden had his first look at Covenant College ~



This was followed by a trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium ~

Kaden and Daddy and the alligators

Outside the aquarium


Kaden and Mommy




Then a return to Atlanta ~

 Kaden and Oma

We headed back to Florida, Kaden again sleeping in the car, where Nate's parents stayed with us a few days and then we were on the road again to St. Augustine.  Here Kaden had his first visit to the beach ~


And we had a nice visit to the Casa Monica and downtown St. Augustine ~

Finally, our vacation ended just as it began, with a wedding (on our anniversary), pictures below.


6/2 - 6/3 Monika's Wedding

On June 3rd, Laura's friend Monika was married at the World Golf Village in St Augustine.

Kaden attended the festivities on Friday night, here was his impression ~

A picture of Monika and Jesal

PIcutures of the elephant and Jesal ~

During the ceremony ~

At the reception ~