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JULY 2006

7/31 Car Seat Full of Toys!

I really like the duck on the side.  And oh boy does the lion keep me entertained, especially at dinnertime!

7/26 Picture Note

So it seems the google page limits to 100 pictures, sounds like a lot but believe it or not we're full!  To solve this, I have started another website in Nate's name to link the old pages too.  This should only be obvious in the webpage address (old pages will link to n8knutson instead of lmknutson), but should not interfere with access to the pictures, ie all my previous month links should still work and you may not even notice the change!

In addition, to allow for more pictures to be viewed, check out this website...  http://www.flickr.com/photos/lmknutson/  .  Note there is also a link for this on the left side of the website.

Soon, hopefully I will also add links with a few videos of Kaden laughing and watching his mobile. 


7/22 1st Baseball Game!

I saw the Devil Rays play the Orioles, I didn't like the man cheering behind us first, he was sort of scary!  I watched the game for a while, then fell asleep around the time the Rays scored 10 runs in one inning!  We left during the sixth because it was late, but it sure was fun!

FInal score: Devil Rays 13 : Orioles 12

7/18 3 months old!


7/18 Fun New Toy

Fun bright colors and ...hey there's the baby in the mirror!


Ooooh but my hand is so much more fun!

7/16 Kaden's Baptism Sunday


7/11 What we're up to now

We've been busy moving for the last week! Pictures of our new apartment coming soon!


Sleeping better in July

Sleeping much longer at night lately  I sometimes take naps on my belly and sleep in funny positions.  When my mom and dad check on me, I'll have scooted myself into a new direction!


7/4 Happy 4th of July!

We watched the fireworks from the bridge, but I fell asleep once they started!

Hey Grandma, isn't that my pacifier clipped to your shirt?



7/3 Off to St Augustine we went


~ Getting my feet wet




~ Check out my sandy toes

Hi There!



We stayed with Aunt Nancy and Kaden got to meet Lynn and see his grandparents and great-grandfather.






I wonder what July will be like!