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8/25 Look who I went to visit

Last weekend while Daddy worked, Mommy and I went to St Augustine and visited and shopped.  I had a lot of fun! I saw my great-granddad and my grandparents.


8/20 Enjoying some tummy time!








8/18 4 months old today!!

Wow, it's hard to believe 4 months have already gone by...I like to play on the floor, well for a little while then I need someone to play with.  I really like to be outside, and I even enjoy the swimming pool!  I'll smile at anyone unless I'm hungry, tired, or wet.  If  you give me your hand, fingers, or shoulder - or your toes (just kidding) - I'll put them in my mouth, or I may just coat you with spit-up!  When mommy tickles me or daddy makes funny noises I'll laugh and laugh!  Every day is so much fun - except when I got something called shots last week =(


8/16 Sleeping and Growing


I must grow every time I sleep, 'cause I sure do sleep a lot...This is me now, I'm 14.7 pounds, 25".

Remember this from a few months ago:



8/11 Kaden and the Frog

Hmmm...pretty tight grip on my friend Frog's arm, no wonder the stuffing is starting to come out!  I'm making it hard to get a picture of me smiling, I pull everything to my mouth or I get so fascinated by the camera that I forget to smile!


8/8 Kaden Laughing


8/2 - 8/5 Hilton Head Island Trip


On Wednesday I drove with mommy to Hilton Head to visit Aunt Katie, Uncle Joel, and cousins Josiah and Eden.





We had a great time floating in the water, strolling in the sun, and spending time with family!

 Eden liked my toys!  She figured out how to make the button on the fish play music, maybe I'll learn that soon!




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