Fitness Programs

Aquatic Programs
All aquatic classes held at Lawrence Aquatic Center. Sign up for classes online today at www. or call  (785) 832-SWIM!  All classes instructed by licensed clinicians of LMH Therapy Services.
Jivin’ Joints
A certified Arthritis Foundation water exercise class for those with arthritis or related conditions. New class series begins March 18, 2013. 
Aqua Fit
This class uses the effects of water to assist in the recovery process from a recent surgery or chronic illness. Also good for those with decreased flexibility, strength, endurance or balance.New class series begins June 2, 2013.

Balance for Life:  A Movement Class with Tai Chi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Next class Next class series begins : to be announced.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         LMH Therapy Services now offers this one hour unique class that will focus on balance exercises with Tai Chi movements incorporated.  Designed to be fun as well as improve functional strength and balance.  The instructors are Registered Physical Therapists that will assist you with progression through the appropriate level of exercises for you.  $60.  Advance enrollment required as class size is limited. To enroll, please call (785) 749-5800.

Fit for Life

Five program options allow LMH Therapy Services Fit for Life participants to exercise in a safe, supervised, and    non-threatening environment to achieve their fitness goals. Ideal for those with orthopedic conditions, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, etc.. Participants can enroll in Fit 1 (a program to exercise on your own after an initial orientation), Fit Assist (a program where a trained “buddy” can assist with your exercise), small group exercise classes (Body Balance), or 1:1 personal training (fee based on hourly rate). Fee for Fit 1 and Fit Assist is $35 for 12 sessions. Fee for Body Balance group class is $50. To enroll in Body Balance,contact LMH Connect Care at (785) 749-5800. Other programs, please call (785) 505-2712. Physician’s medical clearance required.                      Next Body Balance class begins April 2.

 Speed and Agility Training

Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance? LMH Therapy Services offers challenging training programs coached by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. Athletes will initially be assessed by a Sports Physical Therapist with a comprehensive screening and analysis of posture, muscle imbalances, flexibility, balance and injury prone areas.  They will then participate in specialized speed and strength focused small group classes to work towards their own performance goals. Individual, private training and team training also available. Call (785) 505-5975 for more information, fees or to enroll.